Monday, June 24, 2013

{diy project: watercolor words}

Watercolor Words Tutorial

This morning I have a little tutorial on how to make this watercolor words print:

I can't take credit for this project. I was browsing Pinterest & came across the project. It linked me back to this blog. All credit goes to Katy!

Here's what you need:

The hardest part of this project is deciding what to write! Dylan requested "hello darling" & "let's run away" so I was very happy to not have to make the decision :)

First, you use a tiny paintbrush & write whatever you want with the masking fluid. It's easier to use tinted masking fluid so you can see what you wrote. {I'll also add that it doesn't need to be perfect. It'll still look great in the end!}

After letting that dry, paint over the words with the watercolor. Go back & forth with your strokes. {If you're feeling particularly crafty, I suggest painting it ombré, as opposed to just one shade.}

Once the watercolor is completely dry, peel off the masking fluid. You can gently rub it with your fingertips to get it off or use tweezers.

VoilĂ ! So easy, & yet it makes such a beautiful product.

I copied Katy on the one below & made a print for my cousin Violet.

Happy Monday!

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