Thursday, June 13, 2013

{my sister's east village room}

Like I said on Tuesday, I went to NYC this past weekend to cover my sister's white, bare walls in her bedroom. I first painted this canvas & then got together all of the frames & photos I could find. I showed up to NYC with plenty of options.

The space above her bed is about five feet in length, so we didn't want to cram too many things up there. But we wanted it to be mismatched & each piece to have meaning.

Dylan chose a few & we laid everything on the carpet. After a few let's move this here, no here etc, etc, we finally came up with this:

Well, this layout actually changed a bit. But we had the general idea of what to do.

& just to explain a bit, the photo to the right is of lightening. I found it under my bed at home. We tried for twenty minutes to switch the picture, but we couldn't figure out how to disassemble the darn frame. Lol. I'm Miss DIY & I couldn't figure it out! I'm still a bit annoyed, but Dylan ended up keeping it because it's a cool photo. The other picture is of our adorable sister {who turned the big NINE last Saturday!}, the three sisters, & four polaroids in a frame.

Then we headed into the bedroom, grabbed a hammer & nails, & got to town.

Doesn't it look great? She's going to keep adding to it whenever she finds other fun pieces, but this is a perfect start!

& because her room is so cute, here's some more details...

NYC apartments = tiny tiny tiny. This IKEA wardrobe solved two problems: it gave more closet space & it doubles as a mirror. That's her hamper up on top. Lol. At least it matches? ;)

Her bedroom attaches to a little half-bathroom. LOOK AT THAT TILE. Obsessed.

I think it also goes without saying that I wanted to make-out with her exposed brick wall. Is that weird?

The whole room is totally fab. Who else wants to visit? :)

Once they have the rest of the apartment together, I'll be sure to share photos! 


  1. I love it! Thanks again Liv! xo

  2. Looks fab. Good work girls. Wanting to make out with an exposed brick wall... Hahahahaha.

  3. It looks so good!! Coming to see it in person in August, Dyl.