Monday, April 15, 2013

{my dream house, according to pinterest}

It's no secret that I like interior design. Or interior decor. {Yes, there's a difference.} I was on Pinterest when it FIRST came out a long time ago, but since no one else was there, I stopped pinning. Well...I'm back.

& ohmygoodness the interior design pictures are making me want to win the lottery & buy a bunch of homes & decorate each with a different style.

These are my dream houses, according to Pinterest.

For my house in the country where I'll sip lemonade & eat gluten-free baguettes, this courtyard:

{image by Stacey Van Berkel}

For my chateau where I'll invite people over like Princess Kate & Oprah, my entry way:

{image & styling by Julie Du Brow}

For my beach house where I'll watch movies with my dog & there's a feet-are-totally-allowed-on-the-furniture rule, my family room:


For my house in the suburbs where I'll make gluten-free cinnamon buns from scratch for my kids over & over again until I perfect the recipe, my kitchen:

{styling by cadan design group}

For my house in the French countryside where I'll eat dinner close to midnight with friends like Mindy Kaling & Marion Cotillard, my dining room:

{in my dreams, they're my friends}


For my flat in the city where I'll sleep in past noon & then read novel after novel, my bedroom:

{Interior design by twelve chairs | photography by keller + keller | boston home, fall 2011}

For my apartment in LA where I'll light candles & eat chocolate & take the longest baths known to man, my bathroom:


For my house in my hometown where I'll edit photos & blog about my family & DIY anything I can get my hands on, my studio:


For my house in Italy where I'll go swimming at all hours of the day & do nothing but lay in the sun, my backyard:

A girl can dream :)

*All images from Pinterest, or the original source.