Monday, April 22, 2013

{diy: silkscreened mugs}

DIY Silkscreened Mugs

What you need:
  • Silkscreen paint
  • Silkscreen kit {I used Martha Stewart brand}
  • Silkscreen stencils
  • Mugs {especially ones that are oven-safe up to 350°F

Step 1: Clean the mug & dry completely. I got my mugs at Crate & Barrel. 

Step 2: Peel the stencil & place on the mug. Make sure to smooth out all of the air pockets! 

Step 3: On a clean, flat surface, prepare the paints. You don't need that don't waste it!

Step 4: Dab the paint over the stencil.

Step 5: Once you finish, carefully peel off the stencil. Once you peel it off, immediately wash the stencil. If the paint dries, it may mess up the stencil for future use.

It looked perfect!

Step 6: Once you finish painting, you have two options:

1) If it's NOT an oven-safe mug, you must let the mugs dry for 21 days before you can wash/use.

2) If it IS an oven-safe mug: Set dry silkscreened mugs into a cool oven. Set oven to 350°F & bake for 30 minutes. Glass must heat gradually with the oven to avoid breaking.  Do NOT place glass in a hot oven. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off.  Allow glass to cool completely in oven.  Wait 72 hours before using.


I kept the one butterfly mug for myself, but used the other as a thank you gift. I just put a little note inside that said "Thanks a latte!" 

I can't wait to do this to other glassware. I have a few vases that need some sprucing up :)

Everything you need {besides the mugs} is available at craft stores!

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  1. Very creative. DIY is my favorite. I will always pay close attention to.