Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{a little post on my internship}

Lots of people had questions about my internship with Dr. Phil {DP}. I signed a bunch of contracts that outlined what I can & cannot say, but I can give you some small details.

First & foremost...it was amazing. I really had the best four months. All of my internships thus far have been in pharmaceutical marketing, so when it came time to decide what I wanted to do in LA, I was at a standstill. Do I intern at an agency? Do I work client-side in the marketing department? Or do I take a leap of faith & do something different?

Since I was going to LA, I wanted to try out the entertainment biz. It's fun, it's exciting, it's fast-paced, & it's completely outside of what I'd done before. & also? I'd be in Hollywood, baby!

I interviewed for a few companies, applied to various positions, & utilized some great contacts. {Networking is where it's at, girls.} I ended up interviewing with an AP {Associate Producer} for the show & got the job. I think I mentioned back in January that I was originally a production intern, but a spot opened up the day before I started in the Talent department. Talent? Sounded so fun. I jumped on it.

The Talent/Stage department is basically in charge of the show's guests.  From the time they arrive to the time they drive off the lot, the talent team is with them.  I can't go into specifics about anyone, but I will say this: this internship exposed me to every type of personality, demographic, & psychographic. I loved it. Every day {& person} was unpredictable, different, & kept me on my toes. I was able to get the experience of foreshadowing any situation & make sure I had a plan set in place to handle it.

The Talent team was the best part about the whole internship. I consider them all great friends & can't wait to see them whenever I go back. Every person on the crew was hardworking, professional, & just...good people. It's hard to find real people in LA, but this show has a lot of them. I'm so lucky I met them all. Even though the hours were tough {4:45 wake-up, 6:15 call time, out by 3 or 4pm...then class until 11pm}, I still looked forward to going to work everyday.

The most exciting part about the entire experience was working on the Paramount lot. So many movies & tv shows have filmed there, & there was an energy in the air that was contagious. You'd never know what was going to be filming outside the stages or who was going to be walking around. It was the coolest thing & so "Hollywood." The road I had to drive on to get into the parking garage led right to the Hollywood sign. I mean, I had to pinch myself!

Working on a television show is not as glamorous as you'd think. It's hard work. {Like the makeover show with a before & after? Most time-consuming day I had on set.} The logistics of how to put on one episode of a daytime talk show is so complicated--let alone the two shows we had to film each day--but the DP team has it down to a science. It really is a well-oiled machine over there.  I love that I now have experience in production & entertainment.

& because I get asked this question every time I tell people where I worked: yes, I met him. He could NOT have been nicer. He's honestly probably one of the hardest working people in the industry.

So...that's it! I miss the job so much. Maybe I'll go back one day :)

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  1. Im so glad you had such an awesome experience! Sounds like hard but rewarding work.
    The show is on 5 days a week here in Australia and whenever I've watched even 5 minutes of it I start talking in an accent like him.

    New adventures await :)