Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{a little post on my internship}

Lots of people had questions about my internship with Dr. Phil {DP}. I signed a bunch of contracts that outlined what I can & cannot say, but I can give you some small details.

First & foremost...it was amazing. I really had the best four months. All of my internships thus far have been in pharmaceutical marketing, so when it came time to decide what I wanted to do in LA, I was at a standstill. Do I intern at an agency? Do I work client-side in the marketing department? Or do I take a leap of faith & do something different?

Since I was going to LA, I wanted to try out the entertainment biz. It's fun, it's exciting, it's fast-paced, & it's completely outside of what I'd done before. & also? I'd be in Hollywood, baby!

I interviewed for a few companies, applied to various positions, & utilized some great contacts. {Networking is where it's at, girls.} I ended up interviewing with an AP {Associate Producer} for the show & got the job. I think I mentioned back in January that I was originally a production intern, but a spot opened up the day before I started in the Talent department. Talent? Sounded so fun. I jumped on it.

The Talent/Stage department is basically in charge of the show's guests.  From the time they arrive to the time they drive off the lot, the talent team is with them.  I can't go into specifics about anyone, but I will say this: this internship exposed me to every type of personality, demographic, & psychographic. I loved it. Every day {& person} was unpredictable, different, & kept me on my toes. I was able to get the experience of foreshadowing any situation & make sure I had a plan set in place to handle it.

The Talent team was the best part about the whole internship. I consider them all great friends & can't wait to see them whenever I go back. Every person on the crew was hardworking, professional, & just...good people. It's hard to find real people in LA, but this show has a lot of them. I'm so lucky I met them all. Even though the hours were tough {4:45 wake-up, 6:15 call time, out by 3 or 4pm...then class until 11pm}, I still looked forward to going to work everyday.

The most exciting part about the entire experience was working on the Paramount lot. So many movies & tv shows have filmed there, & there was an energy in the air that was contagious. You'd never know what was going to be filming outside the stages or who was going to be walking around. It was the coolest thing & so "Hollywood." The road I had to drive on to get into the parking garage led right to the Hollywood sign. I mean, I had to pinch myself!

Working on a television show is not as glamorous as you'd think. It's hard work. {Like the makeover show with a before & after? Most time-consuming day I had on set.} The logistics of how to put on one episode of a daytime talk show is so complicated--let alone the two shows we had to film each day--but the DP team has it down to a science. It really is a well-oiled machine over there.  I love that I now have experience in production & entertainment.

& because I get asked this question every time I tell people where I worked: yes, I met him. He could NOT have been nicer. He's honestly probably one of the hardest working people in the industry.

So...that's it! I miss the job so much. Maybe I'll go back one day :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

{wait, what? i have a blog?}

Sorry y'all. Sort of disappeared on ya for a bit.

Let's do a quick recap of what's been going on, shall we?


1) Finished both final presentations

2) Completed my internship {sob}

3) Had SO MUCH FUN with my mom when she came to LA

4) Went on a few interviews

5) Applied to a million & one jobs

6) Moved home from LA {sob sob sob}

7) Finished college {uh, what?!}

8) Unpacked allllll of my clothes & boxes {that's a lie. there's three more}

9) Photographed a company for their website

10) Started a new project that I'm dying to share with you all!

I'll expand on all of these soon.

I'll be back on Monday. I promise :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

{diy: silkscreened mugs}

DIY Silkscreened Mugs

What you need:
  • Silkscreen paint
  • Silkscreen kit {I used Martha Stewart brand}
  • Silkscreen stencils
  • Mugs {especially ones that are oven-safe up to 350°F

Step 1: Clean the mug & dry completely. I got my mugs at Crate & Barrel. 

Step 2: Peel the stencil & place on the mug. Make sure to smooth out all of the air pockets! 

Step 3: On a clean, flat surface, prepare the paints. You don't need that much...so don't waste it!

Step 4: Dab the paint over the stencil.

Step 5: Once you finish, carefully peel off the stencil. Once you peel it off, immediately wash the stencil. If the paint dries, it may mess up the stencil for future use.

It looked perfect!

Step 6: Once you finish painting, you have two options:

1) If it's NOT an oven-safe mug, you must let the mugs dry for 21 days before you can wash/use.

2) If it IS an oven-safe mug: Set dry silkscreened mugs into a cool oven. Set oven to 350°F & bake for 30 minutes. Glass must heat gradually with the oven to avoid breaking.  Do NOT place glass in a hot oven. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off.  Allow glass to cool completely in oven.  Wait 72 hours before using.


I kept the one butterfly mug for myself, but used the other as a thank you gift. I just put a little note inside that said "Thanks a latte!" 

I can't wait to do this to other glassware. I have a few vases that need some sprucing up :)

Everything you need {besides the mugs} is available at craft stores!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I woke up yesterday morning missing Boston. Big time. There's just...something about Patriot's Day that makes me so proud to go to my college. The energy in the city is electric. The streets are filled with happy city-goers. Spring is in the air. Kids are off from school. Adults are off from work. Students are off from college. Everyone corrals together and watches the marathon as one giant group.

The past three years I've waded my way through the throngs of people right up to the finish line. I've watched the marathon from the finish line every year since moving to Boston. My dad is an investor in a restaurant at the finish line, so we always meet there and watch together.

Yesterday morning during the B show taping, while I was snacking on my lunch, I checked Twitter. Most were, admittedly, dumb celebrity tweets. But the most updated tweet said this: "Marathon runner down. Reports of an explosion at the finish line."  I thought it was a joke; like some sort of weird metaphor. Explosion of athletic ability? Explosion of city pride? Surely not a real explosion, right?

But then the other tweets started coming in. Words like bombs and blood and broken bones jumped out. My heart dropped.

My thoughts went immediately to my dad and siblings. Were they okay? Were they at our spot at the finish line? What about my friends? Or the other runners? My roommate was in Boston this weekend, and her flight was scheduled for yesterday afternoon. Did she get to the airport? Or did she stop by and watch some of the marathon?

I called my dad. He answered in a cheery tone, letting me know his Turks & Caicos vacation was going amazingly well. He hadn't heard yet. I've never been more thankful to have him out of the country. My brothers and sisters are with him there too. My friends, to my relief, are okay and safe.

Seven people from my college were among the injured.

This hit way too close to home.

I'm feeling some weird emotions. Part of me is thankful to be safe out here in LA. So, so grateful for that. But the other part of me is sad that I'm not there. That I'm not there to help people or be in the city that holds that special place in my heart. I'm aching to hug my friends in Boston. I'm looking forward to graduation for a whole new reason.

Hug your family and friends. Please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers. They're certainly in mine. This is just unspeakable.

Monday, April 15, 2013

{my dream house, according to pinterest}

It's no secret that I like interior design. Or interior decor. {Yes, there's a difference.} I was on Pinterest when it FIRST came out a long time ago, but since no one else was there, I stopped pinning. Well...I'm back.

& ohmygoodness the interior design pictures are making me want to win the lottery & buy a bunch of homes & decorate each with a different style.

These are my dream houses, according to Pinterest.

For my house in the country where I'll sip lemonade & eat gluten-free baguettes, this courtyard:

{image by Stacey Van Berkel}

For my chateau where I'll invite people over like Princess Kate & Oprah, my entry way:

{image & styling by Julie Du Brow}

For my beach house where I'll watch movies with my dog & there's a feet-are-totally-allowed-on-the-furniture rule, my family room:


For my house in the suburbs where I'll make gluten-free cinnamon buns from scratch for my kids over & over again until I perfect the recipe, my kitchen:

{styling by cadan design group}

For my house in the French countryside where I'll eat dinner close to midnight with friends like Mindy Kaling & Marion Cotillard, my dining room:

{in my dreams, they're my friends}


For my flat in the city where I'll sleep in past noon & then read novel after novel, my bedroom:

{Interior design by twelve chairs | photography by keller + keller | boston home, fall 2011}

For my apartment in LA where I'll light candles & eat chocolate & take the longest baths known to man, my bathroom:


For my house in my hometown where I'll edit photos & blog about my family & DIY anything I can get my hands on, my studio:


For my house in Italy where I'll go swimming at all hours of the day & do nothing but lay in the sun, my backyard:

A girl can dream :)

*All images from Pinterest, or the original source.

Friday, April 12, 2013

{DIY project: state love canvases}

My best friend Marina made these AMAZING canvases for her boyfriend. Once I saw the pictures, I immediately called & said told her we had to share it here. I'm so happy she agreed to do it! Thanks Marina. Love ya, miss ya.

Marina chose Pennsylvania, Virginia, & New Jersey because they met in one state & currently live {separately} in the other two. 

State Love Canvases

  • Canvases {Any size and quantity that you want! I used three 8x8 inch canvases, which I thought worked really well}
  • Paintbrushes  {I used 3 different sizes to make the project as easy as possible} 
  • Paint  {I used 3 different colors for this too. Navy Blue, Kelly Green, & Gold. But again, you can use any colors that you want. These are just my boyfriend's favorite colors. Also, the states look really awesome in gold, so I recommend it.}
  • A pencil & eraser
Instructions {sorry for the lack of pictures!}:
1. Start by completely painting the canvases in the base color using the largest paintbrush (navy blue for mine). You may need 2-3 coats to make it look even.. or I may just be a perfectionist.
2. After the base color completely dried, I hand drew the states on the canvases using pencil. The good part is that it shows up easily over the paint & it's easy to get all of the curves of the complicated states.  The bad part is that it takes a LONG time. {If you prefer tracing it from paper, that would probably work too, it just may be more difficult to get all the curves.} When drawing the states, I just copied it straight from a map off of Google - I made sure to take up as much of the canvas as I could, and tried to make all the states as proportional as possible.
3. Next, I painted the outlines of the states in gold using the smallest paintbrush. The good part about having a darker background is that you can paint back over any mistakes you might make.
4. Then, I filled in the states in gold with the medium sized paintbrush. Again, this may take 2-3 coats to be completely even.
5. After all of the paint dries, make any touch ups as necessary.
6. Finally, place the hearts in the locations of the cities that mean the most to you! I just hand drew these and colored them in with the smallest paintbrush, using the third color.

Aren't they so great?! I was so impressed! 

These canvases make great gifts...or art for yourself!

Thanks Marina :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{guest post: 49:17}

I’ve never been a runner.  Sure I’d run a mile or two on the treadmill a few times a week, but I would be running at 5 mph, maybe walking a little, not completely breaking a sweat.

When my bff suggested we run the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k I hesitated but said yes.  Some of you may be thinking it’s only 5 miles.  & I hear ya, I hear ya. 

Training totally kicked my butt into shape.  I began working out hard 7 days a week, mixing up runs of 2-4 miles & intense weight workouts.  I slowly started to see my results paying off as I began losing some weight & looking more toned.

{late night training}

But more than that I started feeling better about myself.  My confidence was up, I starting wearing clothes & trying styles that I typically wouldn't have worn before.  & I actually felt pretty damn good in a bikini a couple of weeks ago. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. EVER.....EVER.

I wish this weekend could have been filmed as a reality show.  I have to publicly apologize to my friend Greta for acting like the biggest baby.  I was so nervous!  I had thoughts of dropping out, & I even made a joke about how funny it would be if it looked like I started the race but actually took a cab to the finish line. Haha. I’m not kidding.

I was nervous because I didn’t want it to be a struggle. I had worked so hard the last few months & I was scared the 5 miles would still be difficult.  Thanks to Chicago’s weather I had to train indoors so the first time I would be running outside was the day of the race!

I set three goals for myself, & I recommend you do the same if you ever run a race.

1. Finish the race (not a joke)
2. Run it in 50 min. (10 min miles…not that crazy)
3. Run the whole time (WAIT…WHAT?!?!)

That’s where the number above comes in.  Not only did I finish the race & never walk, but also I beat my time.  Even though 49:17 is a mere 43 seconds faster, I was still so happy.  I can’t even describe the feeling of running through the finish line, legs feeling like jello, exhausted but relieved that it was over. 

Some people may think I’m being dramatic & exaggerating the race & what it means to me.  Fitness is a huge part of my life as it keeps me healthy & sane (it’s the truth!).  Although you may think the physical part of fitness would be the hardest, for me it’s the mental.  I've wanted to do a half-marathon for YEARS but talk myself out of it because I don’t think I’ll be fast enough, or I think how on earth could I run for 3 or 4 hours straight?!?  Finishing the 8k was a BFD* for me.  & I’m proud of it!

{trying on a short dress...what?!?!}
{ps. sorry for the weirdly cropped photo}

So yes, I am that person who cried a little when I crossed the finish line.  & I’m also that person who jumped on a train & headed to the best ice cream shop in Chicago! (ps: it was closed when I got there & barely being able to stand, I almost started sobbing.  pps. It eventually opened and all was right in the world again)

In the end, I’m so glad I signed up (thanks G!)  My family and friends were so supportive during the whole training process, & have even vowed to run the next race with me!  My advice?  Sign up for a race!  It can be as small as a 5k or as big as a marathon.  With determination, positivity & in my case, Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”, you’ll cross the finish line in no time!

*BFD=big fucking deal

{Greta & I after the race!} 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{a year in review - first blogiversary}

One year ago today I started blogging regularly! 

This blog has turned into one of my proudest accomplishments. I'm always thinking about how to make it better, what to post about, what my readers are thinking, what to photograph...

& speaking of...I've taken more pictures in the past year than any other. I've become more confident in my photography skills & my camera is pretty much a third limb now. All thanks to Lively Liv.

This blog has not only been a creative outlet for me, but also a form of therapy. I've confided about some personal matters on here that many others probably wouldn't have done. But I'm committed to not separating "blog Liv" & "real Olivia", & I can't tell you how much I appreciated the support during those times. 

When it comes down to it: I love communicating. Whether it be through photos, song, words, or painting. I love being a trendsetter & creative influence to you all. I love sharing ideas & thoughts with other talented, imaginative souls like yourselves. The thing I love most about blogs is the give & take: the constant inspiration through different mediums, across country lines, & age brackets. I adore blogging. I read countless amounts of them each day.

Thank you for reading mine.
So who reads this blog? Lots of people! I loved learning more about you all.

Here's some details:

Okay, so...

I'm still going to be writing about being gluten-free & other Celiac-related things. I started this blog as a resource for college students with Celiac Disease, & although it's grown into something much bigger, I will never stray from that original concept. I promise to keep it all interesting, though :)  
I'll also only review products I love love love.

I'll definitely write a post on my internship. I can't give TOO many specific details, 
but I can write about it. Also- more DIY & fashion is coming!

The US politics thing? I'm honored that you'd like to hear my point of view. Really, I am. But I don't feel too comfortable giving my opinion on those topics. Maybe one day. But for now...I don't think I'm knowledgable enough on everything to give a well-rounded answer. You'll be thankful for this.

Sex?  Kudos for being so bold ;) I, however, am not as courageous. I get flustered even talking about anything related to sex to my girlfriends, so I'm not going to be writing about it here. I believe that's a bit too personal as well.

&...Greek people.  One of my best friends is Greek, so...my thoughts on Greek people?
They're pretty freakin' awesome. 
{ps- hi Steven. Thanks for making me laugh.}

So there you have it! A year in review.

Again, thank you so much for reading Lively Liv. Thank you for telling me how much you 
enjoy the content. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing the link. 

I hope you continue reading..I promise it'll only get better!

To many more years....


Friday, April 5, 2013

{confessional friday link-up}

I'm linking up with Leslie again. Here are my confessions this week...

...I confess that I'm addicted to Edy's Maxx Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk ice cream. Seriously addicted. I go out of my way to buy it at CVS, since grocery stores don't sell it.

...I confess that the "Maxx" part of that flavor scares me. Because it probably means Maxx calories & sugar. But a girl's gotta have her ice cream. Right??

...I confess that I've revised my resume NO LESS than twenty times in five days. Swapping weak words for action verbs, changing the format, adding color, taking away color. Goodness. I think I'm finally almost done with it though :)

...I confess that my stress is at an all-time high right now. Remember this post from way-back-when? Lots of tea & breathing exercises are goin' on up in here this week.

...I confess that I'm stalling on throwing out my decorated Easter eggs. I'm giving myself until Sunday. But they're so pretty!

...I confess that I wish I liked running. It's one of my top wishes. Maybe if I force myself to run two miles a couple days a week...I'll start to like it? Any tips?  I'm sure it would help with my stress.

...I confess that I'm SOOO ready for the weekend to start! Even though I'll be spending the majority of the time working on one of my finals, there's just something about Saturday & Sunday that makes everything better :)

& with that...happy weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

{what i'm missing}

Living in a new city across the country from my home has been amazing! It's definitely an experience I'll never regret. But after seeing my family this weekend, I'm feeling nostalgic for some of the things at home. 

My piano. 

Not just playing it. But the actual piano.
The shiny, gorgeous one at my mom's house.

& even the old, slightly-out-of-key, sticker-riddled one at my dad's.

My dog.

This girl.
I'm going through some serious sister withdrawal right now.
I wish I could show her cute face, but I don't want her all over the internet :)

My front yard.
I miss seeing these spring flowers. 
{although it's been so dreary at home, they're probably still in the ground.}

Our beach house.
It's still undetermined where I'll be this summer--hopefully at a new job--so I don't know 
how often I'll be going here. The simplicity of it just...calms me.

Bang-less hair.
I love my bangs, but I'm thinking about growing them out.
I go back and forth daily. Thoughts?

I know. I can't believe I'm saying it either. 
I'm not moving back. But I do miss this view.

I'll be seeing all these things in just a few weeks. {Besides the hair one. If only...}

It needs to come faster! :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

{hello again & Lively Liv's 1st anniversary}

South Beach, FL

You may have noticed...I disappeared for a bit! I travelled across the country to Florida to meet up with my family for Easter. We all flew in from our different cities & I didn't want to miss a second with them.  I'm now back in LA tanned, tired, &...a tad stressed out :)

These next few weeks are busy ones for me. I have finals {ohgosh}, applying for jobs {ohmygosh}, & moving home from LA {gosh, I'm gonna miss it}. I may not have a post-every-day kind of schedule, but...I'll be here! Don't worry.

In exciting news...We're coming up on Lively Liv's first anniversary! To point out the obvious: yes, I have been blogging for four years. But it wasn't until last April that I really slipped into my blogging heels & made this into something I've always wanted.

I'm thinking about doing a little celebration that week {April 9th}. I'll have the results of the readers survey, a post about my job, & a little DIY project. I'm also thinking up another giveaway :)

So keeping coming back here for the next few weeks. Even if there's a few days here & there where there isn't a post, hold your horses. I'll probably be back soon after!

& since you're reading: if you haven't taken the survey yet, please take it now!