Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{diy: patterned easter eggs}

Because you can never be too old to dye eggs, right?

What you need:

{boil the eggs // prepare the dye}

{make sure you press down on the tape/stickers well. we don't want the dye to seep in!}

{various designs}


{I think the polka dot one is my favorite!}

{perfect imperfections}

{not-so-perfect imperfections. just keepin' it real, folks!}

Dyeing eggs was not as simple as I remember. 

Case in point #1: I'd thought you mix the egg dye with water. But after a few texts back & forth with my mom, she told me I must use vinegar. I clearly didn't set everything up when we were little :) {The directions say you can use lemon juice as well. You can also just read the directions, unlike me.}

Case in point #2: Pink dye + me = no go. {see above}

Case in point #3: I got more annoyed when the egg didn't turn out the way I wanted now than when I was little! Most of them were perfect until I picked them up & smudged them with my fingerprints. Lol.

Case in point #4: Speaking of my fingers...they're still a little blue ;)

But even after all of that, I'm so glad I did it! Having them in a vase on the fireplace makes this place so much more festive :)  And although there's nothing wrong with just plain colors, dying them with patterns adds a fun little twist. Are you dyeing eggs this year?

Happy {early} Easter!


  1. send me some! miss you liv

    1. I would...but I totally dropped one on the carpet this morning & it cracked. I can't imagine what a trip from LA to Maine would do!

      Miss you too girl!