Thursday, March 14, 2013

{balboa island & laguna beach}

I'm recapping my "spring break" backwards. {& I put that in quotes because my LA program techanically didn't have a spring break. But since I had the week off work & my sister was in town I just skipped class. Such a rebel, I tell ya.} San Francisco happened first, but that's on tap.

I both love & hate that my Grandad lives in Irvine. Hate, because it's far from home. But LOVE because I get to visit these two places a lot :)

Balboa Island is a place on my dream list. We all have one. You know...that list of places you'd live if money were no object? Balboa' on mine. The sunset pictures in this post are from one of my favorite trips there. It's amazing. The cute houses, the charming stores, the beachy smell, the mouth-watering food. It's got it all. 

I've been going there since I was little. Here's a classic Liv & Dyl from Balboa:

I know you're all jealous of our glasses.

Anyway... We needed to introduce Greta & Anne to Balboa Island. Because even though the weather was the opposite of sunny, the magic was still gonna be there.

the random girl who took this photo didn't find my "now don't you dare drop my camera!" joke very funny. at least she can take a good picture? ;)

So Balboa Island is an island & a peninsula. To get from the island to the peninsula, you have two options: 1) Drive 10 minutes on a boring road. 2) Take a charming 30 second ferry ride.

Uh, duh. Ferry.

See the ferris wheel? That's where we were headed. See where I'm standing on the ferry? That's pretty much where we started from. 

We eat the same two things whenever we go. Tacos from the BEST hole-in-the-wall Mexican place ever ever ever & a Balboa Bar. Let me explain in pictures:

A couple of places make Balboa Bars, but just go to Dad's. Trust me.

After walking the island, we hopped back in the car & drove to Laguna Beach. We strolled through the stores & then wound our way to The Deck.  It was cold, but the table-side fire & the so-close-you-can-almost-taste-it proximity to the ocean made it bearable.

I didn't have one, but these sure looked pretty.

greta & I

anne & dylan

 It was a fun day. Cheers to that! {& to Anne's face.}

designated driver = coke :) don't drink & drive peeps!

San Francisco recap to come!

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