Friday, March 22, 2013

{5 california gluten-free recommendations}

1. Casey's Cupcakes

I found this gem of a bakery while visiting my Grandad. It's in Fashion Island down in Newport Beach, which is one of the BEST malls I've ever been too. {It's also home to the best pet store ever. The puppies there are always the cutest.}  Casey's is pink, girly, fabulous, & has a gluten-free red velvet cupcake! It was moist, sweet & delicious. Also, it was kept in a separate case than the regular, gluten-filled cupcakes. Bonus points.

2. San Francisco Airport, Gate B

One of the WORST parts about having Celiac is traveling. Airports & airplanes never have any gluten-free snacks, so I always have to pack an extra bag of food. {You'd think I was traveling with a kid.} But when I was in the SFO Airport a few weeks ago, I saw this sign:

What?!  Not only did they have a place with homemade gluten-free pizza....but it also had cupcakes & snacks. I was stunned! Check out LiveFire Pizza next time you're in Gate B.

I got the classic margherita. So good. 
Also, don't judge that I got this all for myself. 
Blame Dylan for flying a different airline & not being my pizza-sharer.

3. Fōnuts

I've been craving a good donut for a few years months now. But the only gluten-free donuts I've been able to find are in the frozen aisle. {Which is ridiculous. A donut should be warm & freshly made. Am I right?}  Dylan made some kick-ass ones in December, but since she's all the way in Chicago & the donut pan is at my mom's house, I needed another option. Enter....Fōnuts!

They are baked, not fried, so they're way healthier than any Dunkin one :) {Not hating on DD, btw. I miss their coffee.} The whole bakery isn't gluten-free, but they're careful with the cross-contamination. In addition to chocolate frosted {what I good!}, they have gluten-free apple cinnamon, banana, pumpkin, vanilla latte, coconut passion fruit & more!  

4. The Misfit

The Misfit is right off the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I've been here twice for lunch & loved it each time. Not only is the atmosphere super cool, but the food is delish. I went nuts when I saw "gluten-free macaroni" on the menu. Gluten-free pasta is the ONLY option. That never happens! It was amazing.

love this design: the fixtures! the curtains! the books! the macaroni!

sorry for the bad pictures. didn't have my nice camera.

5. Papalote Mexican Grill

During my weekend to San Francisco, I ate here two days in a row. For reals. They honestly had the best guacamole & salsa I've ever tasted. & the homemade corn chips were amazing. I would fly back to SF just to eat here again.  

{ps. Their salsa is continuously named "one of the best" people like Bobby Flay! I'd have to agree. You can buy it online for a hefty price, but honestly? it may be worth it.}

Have any other recommendations? Tell me so I can check them out!

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Happy weekend!

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