Saturday, February 2, 2013

{pinterest inspired outfits}

I read a lot of blogs & I've seen a couple of people do I thought I'd try!

Basically what you do is:

1) Browse through Pinterest
2) Find outfits you love
3) Re-create them using clothes from your very own closet!

The best part about this? It costs ZERO dollars! Total score in my book.

Here we go...

Outfit A: Jean shirt & zig-zag skirt.

It's verrrry rare that I show some skin...but in this case? I kinda dig it.

Shirt // J.Crew
Skirt // Nordstrom
Shoes // Gap

Outfit B: Navy polka dots & red jeans.

Shirt // J.Crew
Jeans // Gap
Booties // Sam Edelman for Lord & Taylor {buy here}

Outfit C: Black & white stripes. 

New addition to my shoe collection. Arrived this week. In. Love.

Shirt // Target
Skirt // ModCloth {buy here}
Shoes // Old Navy {buy here}

Outfit D: Stripes & patterned colorful skirt.

Skirt // My mom's closet {aka I don't know the brand}
Shirt // J.Crew
Shoes // Guess for DSW

This was so helpful because I feel like I've been wearing the same outfits over & over again lately...{which is a bad thing 'cuz it makes me shop my little heart out}...but now I don't need too!  I just need to get a little more adventurous. Mix some patterns. Put on some heels. Pair formal & informal pieces. Wear more skirts!

Another lesson? I went out & impulse bought two things yesterday at the mall. I came home & had buyer's remorse alllll night. Because A) they weren't worth the price I bought them for, B) I don't need them, & C) most dress code at work is ALL BLACK!  I'll be wearing all-things-noir for 80% of my time in LA. I don't need new colorful clothes! So I went back & returned both today.
{& to reward myself for good behavior I went to Sprinkles Ice Cream In Beverly Hills. It was delicious.}

I did a few more that I'll show next week. I'm thinking about making this a series...what do you think? Have you tried this? Let me know if you do & link me!

**All fashion images are from Pinterest & belong to their respective pinners & photographers. Photography by my lovely roommate Emily. Awkward photo poses & faces courtesy of yours truly. Because hi, I'm Olivia & I hate being photographed.

ps: Happy February!

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