Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{homemade gluten-free chocolate-covered pretzels}

SO simple, I shouldn't even blog about it. But I'm in a blogging groove, so I'm going to :)

You need TWO things. Easy peasy.

1) Pretzels
2) Chocolate chips {dark, milk, white or a mix? whatever floats your boat}

Put some chips in a bowl & heat in the microwave for ONE minute.

It'll look like the chips aren't melted, but just mix it around wih a spoon. The heat will melt all of the chips {like below}. Keep stirring until everything is smooth.

I tried to do this as neatly as possible & make them look store-bought, but after the third pretzel I gave up. I ended up taking a spoon & just pouring chocolate on the tops of each.  It's a bit messy, so I suggest using parchment paper.

chocolate meet pretzel.

 Then I put them in the freezer overnight.

I made about 40 pretzels. I can't stop eating's becoming a real problem :) I want to make some with dark chocolate & sprinkles!

Go make some! :)

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  1. these look delish!