Sunday, January 13, 2013

{the best & worst day so far}

On Friday, Dylan & I had just a few hours together before I drove her to the airport, so we planned quite the morning.

First, we decided to head back to Bea Bea's for a farewell breakfast. It was delicious & even better than the first time. Then, we headed over to Paramount Pictures, where I had an interview for another position. The interview went great-- I was offered the job on the spot!--& walking around the studios was amazing.  {I passed The New Normal set & saw Glee being filmed...pretty cool!}  I was informed that the dress code is all black on filming days. So my two suitcases of wonderful clothes that I brought?  Not really gonna see the light of day.  But at least I can shop for some new black outfits! :)

Famous water tower!

Interview outfit

After that, we decided to go to a cupcake place to try a gluten-free cupcake...but we never quite got to the cupcakery. Because of this stupid thing:

Yup. We hit a pothole. & blew not one, not two, but THREE tires. It was a nightmare, to say the least, because not only is it not my car, but it's an expensive car. Dylan also had a flight to catch, so we were already running on a time crunch. Many tears, two tow trucks, four hours, & lots of $$$ later...I had three new tires.  The good news? The towing company said the city should reimburse me my parents for everything, so I took pictures & saved the receipts. But was the most annoying thing ever.

Quite the way to start my semester, right? :)

After that fiasco was over, I carefully drove home & hung out with my roommate. I'm still stuck in the EST timezone, so I'm exhausted by 9:30pm. I've been waking up every morning at 7:35 on the dot...which will help me out tomorrow morning. I have to be at the stage at 6:30am. Goodbye sleeping in & hellooooo coffee!

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