Saturday, January 19, 2013

{an ultimate cali day}

Before I write...I saw him Thursday night. Can you say starstruck?

My roommate & I had off yesterday, so we decided to get out of Burbank & head out on an adventure! We first went to Paramount {I had to drop off some paperwork} & walked around for a bit.  Even though I work there every's still so cool.

Oh. We also spotted Steak Me Home Tonight. If you watch Happy Endings, you'll understand why we were so freaking excited to see it.

Ignore the dirty windshield. I need to get my car washed.

Then we drove to Santa Monica. I was just there in August, but I was excited just the same.

Jamba, I love you. Emily! She's my roommate & she's awesome.

Helloooo Pacific!

The one on the right licked my face. LICKED MY FACE.

We were in one of the red ones.

I touched the sand, but not the water. Next time!

Palm trees are always a constant subject for me :)

Emily said this was a Cali outfit, so I took a pic. {Ignore my serious face.}

We hit up In-N-Out on the way home to keep with the theme of the day :)

I'm obviously loving it here. Wouldn't you?

Click to see it larger.

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