Sunday, December 23, 2012

{holiday times}

I took about 50 pictures this week of the holiday decorations around my house, downloaded them, edited them, & then headed on a little trip without my laptop. Sigh.

This blog has taken a back seat because of the holidays, but I'll be back soon. Posting from my iPad {especially with photos} is a little annoying, so I'm going to wait until I get home.

We celebrated Christmas at my mom's on Friday, because my step-sister & step-brother were in town. We opened presents, went to a museum, & ate dinner at a fab restaurant. It was the perfect way to celebrate! Then the four of us headed to NYC, where Dylan & I met up with our dad & sibs. We went to see the Rockettes show at Radio City & spent the night in the Big Apple.

For my gluten-free readers: if you're in NYC, eat at S'MAC! It's a macaroni & cheese restaurant & it's amazing. The GF m&c is un.real.

I'm writing this from the car...we're driving up to Boston now. I'm literally going from one city to the next! It's exhausting, but worth it. Hopefully. lol I can't wait until my real vacation starts in about a week ;)

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