Thursday, December 13, 2012

{goodbye boston}

Boston pulled out all the stops for the best sunset ever on my last night.

My last final was this morning--insert loud celebration here--so I packed up & headed out of Boston.

Originally it was goodbye until graduation...but I'll be back in twelve days for Christmas. Lol.

Nevertheless, it's still bittersweet. & it's still a true goodbye.

When I came to Boston 3.5 years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me.  I wasn't totally happy with my college choice, so I was very hesitant to come here. When I applied to transfer for my sophomore year, I was ready to say au revoir to Boston & pick a new city. But I didn't. I just chose another school down the street & stayed. 

Oh, how glad I am that I did. 

When I first arrived, it was the first time I'd lived away from home, from my parents, friends, and especially...Dylan. I had no idea how to live as a independent.

Remember I wrote about my best friend/freshman year roommate Ashley a few weeks ago? She's coming home with me today. We've been trying to do this trip ever since freshman year, & I'm stoked it's finally happening. I've been to her home, but this'll be the first time she's visited mine! It'll be a perfect little goodbye trip, because I'm gonna miss her like crazy.

Back in October, my sister's friend from school passed away unexpectedly. It was a devastating shock, & when Dylan told me the news, we were both struck with that "life is so short so tell the people you love you love them" feeling. I had dinner with Ashley that night & got a little sappy at the table.  I explained to her what happened to Dylan's friend, & then went on to say how much she means to me.

Ashley will always hold a special place in my heart because she was the first person to show me I can have a close confidant outside of Dylan. She was my first friend who just knew Olivia, not Olivia & Dylan. She showed me that I don't need Dylan to be me.  We became very close very quickly, & it was so odd being friends with someone who didn't know Dylan at all. She was my first "independent" friend.

The city of Boston holds that same spot. It will always be the city where I became a true independent. Where I grew up. Where I had my own life. Where Dylan & I's first big solo concert was. Where our first televised concert was. Where our first professional sports game performance was. Where I got my first apartment. Where I learned more than I ever expected--about the field I chose to study, but mostly...about myself. I now know I can live on my own.  & be okay.

I've been ready to say goodbye to Boston for a while, but I hadn't prepared myself for how sad I am to leave it.  As the days dwindled, I felt more & more attached to everything. My apartment, my school, my friends, my dad & sibs being 15 minutes away, Ashley, my neighborhood, the restaurants, the water, the parks. It really is a great city, & I'm so happy I chose Boston as the first setting in my own life.

I may move back some day. But I have a lot of other places that I want to try out too. LA is at bat. Who knows what'll be next!
I'll be back tomorrow with some photos of the last two weeks.

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  1. This blog may me cry. You are growing up just fine