Saturday, November 24, 2012


I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been soaking in as much family time as I can get!

I had such a perfect Thanksgiving. We {meaning: my mom, stepdad, Dylan, step-brother & step-sister} started off the day bright & early in Chestnut Hill for a hike. When we were younger, we spent SO many weekends hiking & biking on these trails. It's been YEARS since we've been back. Besides taking advantage of the gorgeous weather, we were on a mission: in 2001 we carved our initials in a tree & we haven't visited it since 2004.

We needed to find it again.

{Below is Dylan photo-bombing a potentially nice pic of my mom & stepdad.}

It was sort of hilarious. We knew what path it was on, but we all had different ideas as to where the tree actually was located.  We all joked that if we had iPhones back then, we could have "dropped a pin" on a map & saved the exact location for the future.  But since we didn't, we had to rely on our memory.

After about an hour...we found it!  First order of business? Adding '12!

If you can't read the years, it's '01, '02, '04, & now '12.

We took a family picture in front of it & vowed to visit again soon!

Once we got home, we finished cooking, cleaning, & decorating the house. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home for my step-dad's family. I didn't get any pictures of the food or people, but I did get some photos of the tables. We had so many people over, we had to set up a temporary table in the living room, in addition to the dining room. It felt so cozy & beautiful with all the candles.

& lastly...after I downloaded all of the pics off my camera, I realized someone stole it for a few minutes :)

Last night we had a leftovers Thanksgiving with my mom's family. I'm so lucky to have so many families {my dad & stepmom's included} to spend holidays with. They are each uniquely different, but I love them all.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I have two more days of home...I'm going to make every second count!

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