Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{so about this election...}

If you've already decided you're not going to vote, I don't think me telling you to vote is going to make you.

I'm also not going to tell you "Vote Obama!" or "Vote Romney!"

I don't like to publicly talk about my political views. When people ask me who I'm voting for, I cringe. To me, I think it's like asking the question How much do you weigh?  Don't ask me either of those questions.

I believe your vote is your vote. Not a friend's. Not a celebrity's.  Not your parent's.  As an American, you've been given the right to vote & you should. And you should vote for who you want. That's the beauty of the ballot system--it's private!  No one needs to know but you.

Try not to get wrapped up in what the media or your school or your friends are telling you to choose. They have their vote. You have yours.

This was my first time voting. I'm proud of who I voted for, but most importantly...I'm proud of living in a country where I am able to vote.

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