Monday, November 26, 2012

{my week via instagram}

True or False: I left my entire camera bag at home.


& on purpose, if you can believe it.  I'm not really sure how I'm going to make it three whole weeks without it, but it'll be a fun little experiment. I didn't feel like carrying it home on the train & with finals coming up, I didn't want any extra distractions. So...iPhone pics will be taking center stage on the blog for the time being.

My week in Instagram photos....

We went bowling. Twice.

{Dylan & our stylin' shoes}

I won the second round :)  We were laughing because although they {thankfully} have gotten new bowling shoes since I was younger, literally NOTHING else has changed about the bowling alley. The guy at the front desk was the same guy from fifteen years ago. It was like a blast from the past!

On Thanksgiving, my stepdad & I rocked out. From jazz to Coldplay, we jammed hard. I took the piano & he took bass...until the very last song when we swapped.  I cannot play the bass, but I certainly pretended.

My train ride back to Boston was loooong, but the views made up for it.  Below is Philadelphia & somewhere in Connecticut. It looked stormy, but it never rained.

I made these little cards for the Thanksgiving table.  If you'd like the file, so you can print your own, send me an email! 

Even though break was fun, I was very happy to get back to school...

Until I got back to school. 

All of my final projects are winding down & stress is winding up.  My posts may be inconsistent for the next two/three weeks, but please know that I'm not burning out! I'm still totally committed to this blog...just not around finals :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Rock that bass, lovely.

  2. Olivia, those cards are ADORABLE!! What program did you use??