Thursday, November 8, 2012

{meeting young house love}

About four years ago {yes, four!} I found a little blog called This Young House.  It was started by Sherry & John Petersik, a newlywed couple, who'd decided to completely renovate their home...all by themselves. What started off as a hobby has since become into their full-time job, & This Young House has transformed to Young House Love. That's right. They are now full-time bloggers & DIYers.  How cool?  I mean...what a dream!

I read their blog every day, twice a day. {They post at 10 & 2.} I adore their house, their dog, their daughter...everything about them. They seem so down to earth & they're both hilarious. Needless to say, I've had a blog crush on them for years.

If you've never visited their site, you MUST. But just'll be sucked in for a few hours. Just look at the before & after pics of their house. It's unreal.

I was SO EXCITED when they announced they were writing a book--on all things DIY--& I was even more excited to see that Boston was a stop on their book tour. Meeting my blog crushes? Yes puh-lease.

The book signing was at one of my favorite stores: West Elm! {Come back tomorrow to see some of my favorite things in the store.} I showed up 30 minutes before it started & the line was already so long. But the two hour wait was totally worth it.

Here was a little table they set up about half-way through the line. It had a few personal pics & some DIY tips.

They served cocoa & cookies, which was a fun surprise. {Even more-so because it was snowing out & I was cold.}  The cookies were very appropriate...hearts & houses! I was bummed I couldn't eat them though.


They talked to everyone for about a minute. They were so incredibly nice.

After I told them I'd been a fan for years, & that I have a little DIY blog of my own, I showed them the before & after pics of my living room. I couldn't help myself. They were so impressed! Sherry even recognized my curtains & {spoiler alert!} said that she is using them to make pillows for Clara's "big girl" room. I guess great minds think alike ;)

I almost decided not to go at the last minute {727 people RSVP'd!}...but I'm so glad I went!  Because I've read about them for so long, & because they were so nice, I felt like we were total buds. It's been amazing to watch their blog blossom into what it is now, & it just makes me think...what can this little blog become?

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