Friday, November 2, 2012

{halloween recap}

I decided very last-minute to dress up. & by last-minute I mean 6:30pm on Halloween.

Problem was...I had no costume.  I also had nowhere to wear said costume. {I had an early class yesterday morning, so no party for me.}  I just wanted to be festive for the kids who knocked on my door.** Lame?  Maybe. But I'm okay with that ;)

I had leftover felt from my wreath project, so I cut some triangles & hot-glued them to a headband. Then I took my eye-pencil & drew me some whiskers & a nose.  I topped it off with pink lipstick.

It was purrrrrfect!  ;)

**I went out & bought three bags of candy. ONE kid knocked on my door. ONE!  He was dressed as a Celtics player & was adorable.  But now I'm left with three bags of candy. Next year I'm going to buy candy with gluten in it JUST so I don't eat all the leftovers :)

I even made my door look least the wreath looked cute? 

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

A Sandy update!

We spotted our house from an ABC News helicopter video.  It's still there!

My mom & step-dad are not allowed on the island for another 10 days it'll be a while before we can see the damage inside. We noticed there's lots of sand in our driveway, so we still have no idea what we're in for. But at least it's there :)

Keep praying for all those affected! They need them.

Happy Friday!


  1. I was wondering if you got anymore trick or treaters to show off those mad candy-giving-out skills. :p

    1. No :( Just the one, lol. I should have hugged him or something.

  2. love the costume-just too funny that you both dressed up as cats!