Wednesday, November 28, 2012

{currently obsessing over}

1. This song.

Last week's episode of Parenthood ended with two characters running into the ocean at sunset.  It was a beautifully edited scene, & this song was the perfect background track. {watch it here.}

2. I have 15 days until Christmas break.

3. This website. 

Cultivate is an interior design site that focuses solely on the heart of the home: the kitchen!  All of the pictures are so lovely & inspiring & gorgeous & I basically want to cook dinner in them all.

Before looking through the site...take the style quiz!  What is your style?  Mine is transitional. Definitely spot on...since I would move into the kitchen below in point five seconds.

{image from cultivate}

4. Clementines.

When I saw the "Now in Season!" sign above the boxes of clementines in Whole Foods:

I think I've eaten 11 in the past 12 hours. So. Good.

What are you currently obsessing over?

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