Tuesday, October 16, 2012


-- Did you know it's possible to silently support a candidate in this election?!?  I know!  Craziness!!

-- I have a fall shoes update!  Well, sort of.

-- These came. Love.

Also, when I was out shopping, I saw the shoes above in the store. They were $20 more expensive in the store than they were online, so....Amazon FTW.

-- I also got new boots!  & they were on sale!  

Unfortunately they don't have the correct picture online...only a pic of them in this hideous pattern. Use your imagination. Mine are light brown/tan.

{the price online is so exponentially higher than what I paid...I feel like I stole them.}

-- Pitch Perfect was funny. I recommend.

-- I'm watching the Friends finale right now {Nick@Nite!}. Whenever they show the last scene, I tear up every.damn.time. A million bucks says I'll cry this time too.

-- I am anxiously awaiting two packages. Every time I see the UPS man, I nearly tackle him. One contains the most rockin' skirt ever & the other contains felt & a glue gun ;)  My excitement for each is equal. 

-- I am counting down the minutes until I leave for Chicago. Cannot come fast enough.

-- Happy Tuesday!

**Psst! See that green button below? If you haven't signed the petition yet, please do! I would so appreciate it...we only have a few weeks left!  & then I promise I'll stop hounding you ;)


  1. Watch out everyone. Olivia has a glue gun and she's not afraid to use it! ;) Happy Tuesday!

    1. oh yeah. I have some big plans for this baby ;)