Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{my weekend}

This weekend was so much fun. I have lots of pictures to show, so bare with me :)

Let's start on Friday. I flew home, hung out with my mom & stepsister, got my bangs trimmed, & then got ready for my cousin's wedding.  Everyone looked fabulous & it was so nice to see all of my cousins.  There's 35 FIRST cousins on my dad's side, & I rarely see all the older ones. We danced our you-know-whats off all night & had a great time.

Her flight was two-hours late, so we couldn't get a picture before the ceremony :(

On Saturday, we did some random things at home before heading to the airport. I finally got a plant for the wicker pot in my living room! It was my carry-on :)

Once we got back to Boston, Greta, Dylan, & I went into the city for dinner & had a slumber party. It was a little tight in my tiny apartment but we made it work.

We got up early Sunday morning to walk to a vintage & farmer's market. I could've bought soooo many things.

Besides hot apple cider, Greta & I bought rings that matched Dyl's already-owned one. Ring sistas!

Then we headed over to a warehouse with a bunch of food trucks. There was a cupcake truck, BBQ truck, grilled cheese truck, lobster truck. So many choices. We ended up going to the taco truck :)

On Monday we walked around the city for a while & then headed over to Harvard. Here's Dylan & Greta on my street:

Cute Harvard restaurant:

Monday afternoon we headed up north to visit Violet & Evan, my cousins. We walked around their adorable town & enjoyed the fall weather. A harvest festival was going on in the center of town, so that was a fun surprise! The trees are changing colors were so pretty! Greta could barely handle it.

It looks like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.

I was so sad for them to leave, but I'll see them next weekend. Chicago here I come!

How was everyone's long weekend? Is fall in full-swing where you are?


  1. What a lovely looking weekend! It does look like Stars Hollow.

    Can't wait to see your Chicago pictures. Ive always wanted to go :)

    1. It was pretty fun :)

      Chicago is the best. Definitely add it to your city list the next time you come here!