Monday, October 15, 2012

{my apartment tour: kitchen}

Since I cleaned every surface of my apartment this weekend, I thought I'd continue with the tour. Here's the kitchen!

It's nothing amazing. It's tiny, cramped, & dated...but it does the job.

& I think it has some charm :)  There wasn't a lot to work with, so I barely decorated this room. The walls were already painted tan, so that was a plus.

View from the living room. & if you notice...I finally re-hung the canvases with nails.

I love my CB2 table, since it doubles as an island. & the stools are SO comfortable!

I was pleasantly surprised by this little pantry. There are no shelves built into it, but we just stuck a wire rack in there for pots & pans. We also keep things like the mixer, Crock Pot, & grocery bags tucked away in here. I love how it hides clutter!

The previous tenants left the wire shelves next to the oven. Total score. One of the downsides to this kitchen is the lack of drawers, so silverware, ziplock bags, tin foil, etc. needed home.  I just got a few storage baskets & a nifty pan separator to hold everything, & it did the trick.

The cupboard heights {inside & out} aren't ideal, but it holds everything it needs to. {& yes, we have a lot more food...just in other cabinets!}

I'm sort of obsessed with my dishes.

I added another basket above the fridge for extra storage.

If you're wondering...four sponges. Two for me, two for my roommate.  & that is the ONLY outlet in the entire kitchen, hence the dangerous extension cord. That cord goes alllll the way to the toaster & microwave. Not only is it right next to the drying rack {which barely misses water droplets every time I transfer wet dishes}, but it's also right above the stove. Hello steam.

There you have it! No before & after pics, since it looks virtually the same.

Where I Got Everything: 

Table & stools: CB2
Canvases: Made them. Tutorial here.
Pantry shelves: Bed Bath & Beyond {can't find a link}
Checkered Plate: Fishs Eddy {BEST.STORE.EVER. Go there if you're ever in NYC.}
French Bowl/Plate: One King's Lane. Not available anymore.

Any questions, just comment below! Happy Monday!

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