Friday, October 5, 2012

{fashion friday}

I'm switching things up this week.

My lovely sister Dylan got me hooked on yet another show.  She became obsessed with Revenge last week, & after listening to her talk about it all weekend I finally gave in. The first season is on Netflix, so I queued it up & pressed play.

Now I'm obsessed!  Good god.  I'm half-way through the season & I can't wait to see the rest. Although I'm not looking forward to catching up to the episodes airing now, because then I'll have to wait a week between episodes ;)

Dylan & I chatted about the fashion on the show...specifically for the main character, Emily. Um. 

We both want her clothes. & her face. & her house.  We basically want to be her.  'Cause she's pretty 

Here's some of the looks Emily {blondie} & the other characters rock...




Lots of tailored dresses & beachy outfits. One second the characters are in bathing suits, & the next they're all dolled up for a formal charity event. Everyone has a different style, but overall, it's pretty preppy since it takes place in the Hamptons. & they're all filthy rich, so every outfit is expensive & a designer brand. 

The one color that is worn a LOT is red... Revenge, anyone?

You should all watch. I'll happily take the blame if you get addicted.

Two outfits from my week:

As you're reading this, I'm on a flight home! I'm so excited I can barely stand it.

I'll be doing some photography work during the day today for a company website & then I'm off to a wedding later tonight. My cousin is getting married. I'm excited to get all dressed up :)

Tomorrow I'm flying back to Boston {ugh, such a short trip}, but Dylan & her roommate are coming! They'll be here until Tuesday, so I have lots planned.  Photos {& maybe a video} to come...

Happy Weekend!

**triple photos of girls from here

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  1. OMG. Love Emily's style. So classic and feminine. Her clothes, her hair and make up and the beach house. I will take it all. Thank You.

    Will be watching the season 2 opener this weekend! Hope you catch up soon.