Friday, October 26, 2012

{fashion friday: spotlight on c.wonder}

For today's Fashion Friday, I'm spotlighting C.Wonder, a new store created by Chris Burch {ex-husband of Tory Burch}.

I was able to visit the only West Coast location {Fashion Island} while I was in California & I was overwhelmed by everything they make.

A friend once told me that I dress very preppy. I both agree & disagree with that statement. I think if you shop at J.Crew, you have a little bit of prep' in ya :)  & a lot of my clothes come from there. But it's a muted preppy.

C.Wonder is preppy to the MAX, so I can only take it in very small doses.  It's also pretty expensive. But it's colorful, feminine, & flirty. & they make everything!

Here are my favorite picks from their site:

Zebra iPhone Case...simple, but cute.

Contrast Sweater Dress...I love the booties with it!

Suede Signature Driving Moccasins...perfect color for fall!

Skinny Stretch Cord...cords are my fall staple.

Classic Belted Camel favorite on the whole site!

You can visit their site here.  Are you a fan? 
A fashion do & a fashion don't.

Tights + cord skirt + booties = yes.
Running shorts + high socks + moccasins = NO. 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I'm obviously just catching up on all of your blog posts (I can't even look at it during the school year or I won't do any work), but I LOVE C.Wonder!! My aunt got me a gorgeous bracelet from them for Christmas!