Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{DIY project: painting my TV stand}

You know how I JUST gave you a living room tour? With all those pictures with a clean apartment & good lighting & everything was perfect?

Well. I decided to paint my TV stand on Tuesday. So I had to re-clean & re-take all the pictures. I should've just waited to show you the final room once I painted!

Anyway. I wanted to add a pop of color in the room. & since the plain wood dresser was screaming paint me!! I finally decided to listen.

I headed off to the paint store with a scrap of my curtain fabric in-hand & immediately went for green.

Oregano won out fair & square, so after overpaying* for a can of paint, I headed home.

*{guy at the store overcharged me. so.annoyed.}

I already had the brushes & plastic covering from when I painted my walls, so I didn't need to buy anything else :)  Always remember to save this stuff!

I covered the white carpet, set the TV on the ground, removed the drawers, & got to work.

I also frog-taped my very coveted Anthro knobs. It probably would've been much easier to just remove them before painting, but I like to walk on the wild side from time to time. This worked out just fine ;)

Fast-forward 90 minutes:

I painted three coats on all the pieces, letting each coat set for 20 mins in-between. After it was all dry {from the help of two fans}, I took off the tape & slid the drawers back in.


I love love love love love it!

almost went towards purple, but I'm so happy I ended up choosing green. Adds the perfect pop, right? :)  What do you think?

I have an entire can of paint left over. I'm already thinking about what to paint next... ;)

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**{Just an FYI...I went back & replaced the living room tour post with these updated pics.}


  1. wait...the previous tenants had absolutely no style....what a joke.

    way to go liv! looks great! i can't wait to see it this weekend!

    1. I know, right? Don't even get me started with their coffee table.


  2. Olivia I want you to design my life. Potential career as my life coach?

    1. lol, what makes you think I'd be a good life coach? I need one myself!

      I may not be able to help design your life, but I can help design...rooms ;)

  3. LOVE IT! When you had all the color swatches I was like "I hope she went with oregano ". Im in love with nearly every piece in your living room. Haha.

    1. Thanks you!! Visit any time :)

      & oregano was the only one I had my eye on!