Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{DIY autumn felt wreath}

DIY Felt Wreath

I'd been looking for an autumn wreath for the past few weeks, since our front door needed a little sprucing up. With Halloween around the corner, I wanted to make our little stoop look a bit more welcoming :) 

I can't take credit for this project. I searched "autumn wreath" on Pinterest {which I go on every few months} & I was brought to this site. At the first pic, I knew I found it.  I could make it myself, I could choose the colors, & it was really cute :)


Since there aren't many craft stores in Boston, I ordered a pack of multi-colored felt & a wreath online. {Jo-Ann's Fabric}. The total was around $20 & I was able to use a coupon. { is the best!} 

Here's how you make it:

1. Trace felt circles. I used a CD for the big roses & the inside of a tape roll for the smaller ones.

2. Cut out the circles.

3. Cut each circle into a spiral. It doesn't have to be perfect! 

4. Now it's time to roll the rose! Dab a dot of hot glue after each "wrap" to secure it. You don't have to do this--you can just glue the final wrap--but I was convinced it was going to come undone.  You can start at the middle spiral or the doesn't matter.

I made about 40 roses, which took around an hour.  

5.  I placed the roses on the wreath until I figured out what I liked best. I decided to only do one side of the wreath, mainly because I ran out of felt, but I can always go back & add more! :)  

Once you choose your layout, hot-glue each rose to the wreath.

VoilĂ !

Perfect for fall!

It was so easy!  & very inexpensive. The whole project cost under $20. You can't beat that!

I love it so much I may even do a spring wreath come March. Can you imagine this with bright colors? I can!

Happy Wednesday!