Friday, October 19, 2012

{a few funnies}

For my gluten-free peeps, read this Tumblr blog. It will crack you up. & even if you don't have through a couple. I think you'll be able to empathize with us a little more ;)


How I feel when a gluten-free product tastes 
like the real thing.

How I feel when the waiter goes to check if 
something is gluten-free.

How I feel when a gluten-free cooking 
experiment goes terribly wrong.

Funny, right? & oh so true. Here's the link again.

Second funny of the day...

On Tuesday night, I "survived" the New England earthquake.  I had NO IDEA what was going on at first---I really thought the apartments above me were caving in. {& being at garden level..that's not a fun feeling!} It lasted about five seconds & freaked me out quite a bit. Not because I thought I would get hurt {it really wasn't that strong} but because...earthquakes don't usually happen in Boston! It was definitely strange.

I died when I saw this on Tumblr. What happened during the 2012 New England Earthquake.

I had a few more things to show you, but it's Friday morning at 8:00 & my sister is making pancakes. More important things are calling.

Happy weekend!

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