Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{a different kind of wishful wednesday}

Before I start...

My friend tweeted this yesterday afternoon: if one of your three vacation homes got ruined by sandy, yea it sucks, but some peoples ONLY homes got destroyed.

I know I've been tweeting & blogging about how upset I am about our beach house & the island, but please know that I aware of the fact that many people have lost their only home. I admittedly have gotten wrapped up in thinking about my own, but know that other people's {worse} situations are also on the forefront of my mind.

Thanks Kerby for reminding me of that!
I don't want any material goods this week. No cute sweater or relaxing vacation is meaningful when Sandy is still creating havoc.

My wish?  All I want is for this storm to stop & for the rebuilding process to begin. There's a long road ahead & I hope it starts as quickly & smoothly as possible.

Please continue to send thoughts & prayers to those affected. & if you are able & willing...please donate to any of the relief efforts. 

Stay safe & have a Happy Halloween!