Tuesday, September 25, 2012

{two movie recommendations}

Celeste & Jesse Forever

I've always stalked Rashida Jones' IMDB & Wikipedia pages to see what she's working on next.  & for years I've read, "Untitled Rashida Jones Project." All it said as that she was writing & starring in it.  So when I finally saw the poster, trailer, & cast for this movie...I was counting down the days.

I'm not good at writing movie reviews--I'll leave that to my good friend Andrew--so all I'll say is this: go see it. It's both heartbreaking & hilarious, dreamy & real.  Rashida is absolutely incredible; her talent seriously has no bounds. Not only is she stunning {ahem, girl crush}, but she effortless slides from comedy to drama. It was also great to see Andy Samberg in a role that wasn't all humor. The guy can act. 

I don't think it's in theatres anymore...but when it comes to DVD/OnDemand...see it!

Liberal Arts
I'm not a fan of "How I Met Your Mother", so I wasn't totally familiar with Josh Radnor's work. But last year I saw his film Happythankyoumoreplease & fell in love with him. He wrote, directed, & starred in the movie...& did the same thing for his second film Liberal Arts.

I've been waiting to watch Martha Marcy May Marlene for a few months now, but I have yet to see it. So I was SO excited to finally watch a film with Elizabeth Olsen, because I have only heard wonderful things about her. Well, she was adorable & I'm a big fan.

Josh Radnor plays Jesse, a 35-year old admissions office worker who visits his alma mater & falls in love with a 19-year old college student {Olsen}.  I thought the movie would be pretty predictable, but is was actually the opposite. Familiar faces made some surprise appearances {like Zac Efron...in a role that made me like him!} & the soundtrack was AMAZING. All instrumental & opera. Very romantic stuff.


  1. Celeste&Jesse looks so good, but it looks heartbreaking...i'm afraid it will make me cry!

    1. It's not a REALLY sad movie...more..."oh god I hope this never happens to me sad." Because I couldn't figure out what I would want: married to my best friend but not in love? or divorcing & risking never being able to have a normal friendship. It was tough.