Friday, September 28, 2012

{that day I painted stripes on my living room wall}

I was going to post a living room tour, but then I remembered I never blogged about my stripe wall!

This was before I had my new camera, so get ready for the world's worst blog post photos. Courtesy of my iPhone.

Taping was the most frustrating part of the entire experience. I was sooooo determined to make the lines perfectly straight. Therefore, it took about two hours. Shout-out to Frog Tape, which made the process a whole lot better.

As you can see in this picture, there is a beam over the hallway opening. That made it easy for me to decide how wide the stripes would be. If I remember correctly, each stripe was 10.25 inches wide. & since the wall was already white, I only needed to paint 4 stripes.

Per my tenant's rules, I could only paint the apartment shades of beige or tan. {Booooring.} I decided to find the GREYEST looking beige out there, because my couch & accessories are grey.

But in the case that I get in trouble, I have the perfect plan. Please excuse the extremely out of focus picture, but if you can squint & read, the name actually has the word "beige" in it.  Score.

Before I started painting, I moved the bookshelves into my room & covered all the furniture with plastic. Thank goodness my roommate was out for the day because the place was a mess.

Then I got right to work! I was originally only going to paint the stripes, but then I decided last-minute to paint the other wall too. I'm so glad I did.

Here's what the apartment looked like. 

Just looking at the mess has me stressed out again! ;)

I did two coats of paint on each stripe & the wall, & even dried remarkably fast. I started at noon & by 5pm all the tape was off, the paint was dry, & my furniture was back in place. 

I was thrilled that not only were the lines straight, but none of the paint bled through the tape. It.looks.awesome.

I'm going to save the after pictures for the living room tour. Come back Monday for pictures!

Happy Weekend!

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