Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{random blog stuff}


So I'm doing a big of "housekeeping" on the blog.

I don't know how often readers click the pages above, but I eliminated the "Why So Lively" page for now. It was long & wordy &...I didn't like it :)

I also re-vamped the "About Me" page. It includes a new photo of me with bangs ;)

I have some DIY projects to share soon. I have most of the photos, but I'm waiting for my new camera to arrive to take the "after" pics. Hopefully it'll arrive within the week. I'm so antsy to start taking photos!

Finally, I just noticed my blog stats spiked.  I love knowing people are reading!  In the past two weeks, there's been 1000 hits. That's a lot for this little ol' blog.  {Usually I get about 1000 per month.}

So. I say it quite often, but I'll say it again: thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for sharing my link. & thanks for putting up with my wordy emotional posts. 


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