Saturday, September 1, 2012

{quick moving update}

I underestimated how much work this weekend would be!

We arrived in Boston in no time at all yesterday & headed right to my apartment. After unloading the car, my grandma & I unpacked, while my mom headed to IKEA to get my couch.  It seemed everyone on the block was moving in at the same time...there were SO many cars! & since my street is one-direction & on an incline, it was hard to get a spot. Cops were everywhere.

Thankfully, my mom was able to grab a spot right in front of my apartment when she got back, & we got to work on my couch & shelves/desk. They were a piece of cake to put together & they all look fab! ;)

Only one downside of the day...we got the wrong slipcover at IKEA :(  Instead of a loveseat cover, we got a full couch cover. The correct one is on its way, but until then, it's going to be covered with a blanket. No biggie. We also didn't get to paint, but I may do that during an upcoming weekend :)

We called it a night around 7pm & when they left, I headed to my dads. I hadn't seen my little sibs in a few weeks, so it was fun to spend the night with them. We watched The Hunger Games & even though I love that movie, I was falling asleep by the end. I woke up this morning & my phone was still in my hands, lol.

The big task on my list today was to get my bed. & I finally checked that off!  I officially have a bed in my apartment. Made it all more real :)

I met up with my mom again in the afternoon, & after a night at the beach, & I'm ready for a good night's sleep again. My roommate flies in tomorrow, so I have to make sure everything's ready!

I'll be back on Monday with some pictures :)

Have a great night!

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