Friday, September 14, 2012

{my fall tv picks}

My mom & I only watch two of the same shows. Grey's Anatomy & Parenthood.

This may be my favorite show on television. I love the cast. I love the story-lines. I love the characters.

People are always confused when I tell them that I watch {& love} this show, because I'm not a parent. But you know what? They suck me in every week. & in a small, strange way, I think it'll make me a better parent one day.

Every episode is modeled off of real experiences of the writers. They cover every family topic but in a believable, realistic way. {I swear the writers spied on me & my family, because some of the scenes have been identical.} It's covered having a kid with special needs, food allergies {holla!}, blending a family through marriage, having a baby, infertility, separation, divorce, the importance of health, the importance of communicating, the importance of listening, the importance 

& last week? When a character said the "airport goodbye" to her parents before hopping on a plane to college? Well, it just made me want to wipe my tears, fly back home, & hug my mom forever.

It's on NBC at 10pm every Tuesday. You should all watch.

& bring tissues. You'll be crying more happy tears than sad.

The X Factor 

Everyone knows I hate these singing shows. Part of me doesn't have the patience to remember the singers I like & continue to root for them for three months. Another part of me is too judgey, since I sing myself & I hear when they're off-key, etc. {I think another part of me always thinks, god, there are so many talented people out will I make it?}

But I mainly get fed-up with the judges. Which is the reason why I'm loving The X Factor.

Oddly enough, my love affair for Britney Spears began after her meltdown/shaving incident. I think she was a class act when she stepped away from the spotlight & got her--excuse my language--shit together. I hate dancing more than anything, but her songs are some of the few that get my booty goin'.

She's also my favorite judge. She's somehow still sweet as pie when she tells it as it is. Cause she says "no" faster than anybody else. & I love her for it.

Demi is also pretty cute on this show. I don't know her music, but after all the bad press she's gotten in the past few years, I was unsure of what she'd be like. She's adorable, personable, & gives honest, good feedback.

LA Reid is as cool as always...& Simon! I love Simon on this show! I hated him on the few episodes I watched of American Idol because I thought he exaggerated the mean act enough to over-shadow his critique. But he's actually a hilarious, sweet guy!

We'll see how the rest of the season pans out, but for now...I'm hooked.

It airs Tuesdays & Wednesday at 8/7c on FOX.

The Mindy Project 

I've only seen the pilot of this show, but I can't wait for more.

I've been a fan of Mindy Kaling's for a LONG time. I loved her on The Office, as not only an actor, but as a writer & producer. The episodes she penned were among the best {uh, "Niagara", anybody?}

& you know she's good when she has 2 LINES every episode--if that-- & she's the most memorable character. Snaps to Mindy.

Her book was also as amazing as I thought it would be. I laughed out loud while reading every chapter. Her family experiences are hilarious, & the fact that she went & graduated from Dartmouth makes me idolize her more.

So an entire show that is created by Mindy, featuring Mindy, & written by Mindy?

I am so there.

& one that stars Chris Messina?  Sign me up.

It premieres Tuesday, September 25th on FOX. But you can watch the pilot here on Hulu.

I also can't wait for Homeland, Parks & Recreation, & Dexter to return. 

What are you watching this fall?


  1. I loved Parenthood in the first season and I can't remember why I didn't go back for the second. I probably just forgot. The pilot was fantastic and the scene of Sarah and Drew at the end when she goes to get him is perfect.

    Looking forward to Mindy's show and New Girl and HIMYM returning. I was a Gossip Girl watcher but I decided not to watch after what they did at the end of last season. If I stick to that... we will see!

    1. Keep watching Parenthood! It's sooooo good.

      I'll be watching GG :)