Monday, September 24, 2012

{my day at brown}

How was everyone's weekend?

I was in need of some major BFF time. Remember the friend of mine who sent me that lovely friendship note?

Isha. I needed to see her.

It just so happens that my other friend, Ashley, is looking into Brown for grad school. So when Isha told us about the Brown/Harvard football game, we hopped on a train to Providence. I've been to this game three years in a row {remember this old post?} & I was so excited to go back.  It's hard to get the college game experience at my school since we don't have a football team ;)

On Saturday morning, Boston's weather was rainy, windy, & dreary. The entire train ride we hoped the weather would clear up. Um, it did.

Once we arrived, we headed to Thayer Street for some lunch.


& then Isha took us on a campus tour. I've been here a few times, but it was Ashley's first.  I can't get over how pretty this school is. It makes me almost regret going to a city school.


Only at Brown, right? ;)

After the tour, we headed back to her apartment to meet up with a friend we went to high school with. Erin goes to Harvard & came down for the game. It was so great catching up!  

The field...

Perfect football night!!

We left at half-time in order to make our train, but even though the trip was short, we had a blast! 

Highlights of the day {besides seeing Isha}: Getting mistaken for a Harvard student.

I obviously look like a branic, no big deal.

{Oh, but this is also happened. I asked Isha if the leaves were always in between the Brown "B" on the field. & her friend said, "Yeah. Brown's pretty proud of its Ivy status."  


Ivy. Not leaves.

I obviously go to Harvard.}

Also, I tested out the video on my new camera. I need to work on my recording skillz a little more...

Until next time Providence! 


  1. the video quality is great! also i think you found your signature hairstyle. you rock bangs!

  2. Thanks Dyl! :) I was just thinking that yesterday actually. I love having bangs...I may never go back!