Sunday, September 9, 2012

{my classes + a video you must watch}

I'm taking 4 classes this fall & they all seem like great!  I went to each this week & every syllabi laid out a fabulous semester.

1) Campaign Planning
This class is all about creating a complete marketing plan. The great thing about my school is during junior & senior year, we work with REAL clients. As in...actual companies who need our help. The experience is unmeasurable. This semester, I will be working with a company that sells all-natural frozen meals in Whole Foods & other grocery stores. They also have gluten-free meals! I have yet to try them, but I definitely will. I have to get to know that product well, so what better way than to taste-test?! ;)

2) American Sign Language
I needed an elective, & this one seemed the most interesting. I've always wanted to learn sign this was the perfect opportunity!  During the first class, we learned that my professor is actually deaf, which I wasn't expecting. Pretty cool. We had two interpreters so we could understand what he was signing, but we're on our own next week! I'm both excited & nervous. That fact alone will have me signing in no time.

3) Non-Western World History
I love history, but I hate college history courses. I am not a paper-writer/test-taker at.all. That's why my school is so perfect for's a lot of campaigns & projects. Very hands-on. But this history course is ALL lecture & on a subject that is not the most stimulating.  I knew putting it off until my senior year would come back & bite me in the ass, but I can't change that now.  Good news is we're focusing on India, & the books assigned to the course seem like good reads. Hopefully I won't do too terribly :)

4) Social Media: Interact & Buzz
This course is all about social media. How to use it. How to market with it. How to make money using it. How to advertise with it. Why it's changing the world. It's the one class where you're encouraged to be on your phone & computer during class :) The class was split into teams of four to create our own marketing agency, & then we were given a real client. My client is a large, well-known restaurant chain across America {not sure yet if I can name it}. It's amazing that I'll be part of the quartet helping run their social media, because it's SO HUGE.

My professor played this video during the first class. I've seen it a few times before, but it still gets my heart racing. Watch it & then join four social media sites.

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