Friday, September 21, 2012

{fashion friday--GAP sale today!}

I decided to bring this one back this week too :)  The last time I did a FF was in July!  Sorry about that :)

This is just a little reminder that GAP is having a great sale today.  They are taking 25% off ALL Sale items. I just went through the sale tag, & lemme tell ya...I could've bought, like, 34 different things.

Because I never seem to have enough bras...Lacy T-Shirt Bra-- $27.00

Because I love San Francisco {& also because this one doesn't have GAP in big letters across the front}...San Francisco City T-- $14.24

Because these are my favorite pants ever...{remember this old FF?}...1969 Cropped Legging Jeans--$45.00

Because I need cooler pajamas from my hotter-than-hot room...Poplin Ruffle Short--$9.75

Go check it out at GAP online. During the checkout process, enter GAPSALE for an extra 25% off. THIS ENDS TODAY!!
I've been taking pictures of my feet lately. Apologies to my Instagram followers.  But since this is a fashion post...

1) My fall boots made an appearance yesterday. First time in eight months. It felt good to wear 'em again. {Ralph Lauren, from DSW}
2) GAP Outlet shoes. They came in navy & pink & I'm still kicking myself for not buying them in every color.
3) I forgot to bring my rainboots back to school :(  So my Burberry rain shoes are getting lots of game time this fall.
4) My family members have some pretty kick-ass jobs. For example, my uncle works at Converse. Which is owned by Nike. Which also owns Cole Haan. Therefore...the only reason why I would own Cole Haan cheetah flats. Love.

Outfits from my first two weeks.

I have a fun few days ahead that I'll post about on Monday.

Can anyone guess what's coming in the mail today?!?!?!? :) :) If you hear someone screaming with joy, that's me.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. In love with those cheetah flats! So cute.

    1. thanks :) they are so comfy & stylish.