Thursday, September 20, 2012

{DIY word canvases}

I have a DIY project to show you!

On a rainy day last weekend, I ventured into Michael's for some art inspiration.  I have a few empty wall spaces in my apartment that have been screaming for some pictures.  Lo & behold...white canvases were on sale!  I snatched up three 8x10s & one 16x20 faster than you can say "But Liv can't paint..."

Which explains why I stood in the aisle at Michael's for thirty minutes trying to decide what to paint. I had no idea!  I was seriously at a loss.  But then I turned around & saw letter stencils & the lightbulb went off. Instead of a fancy font, I decided to keep it simple with Helvetica. Because you can't go wrong with Helvetica :)

I grabbed two bottles of paint--hot pink & charcoal gray--because they match the colors in my curtains & pillows. I headed home so excited to get started!

Here are my supplies:

This project is really simple. I just picked a spot, traced the word I wanted, & carefully painted around it.

An hour later, I was done the first coat of each.  I let them air dry for about 30 minutes before painting a second coat.

Here they are:

I was proud that I stayed in the lines...for the most part. They aren't perfect, but from their spot on the wall, you can't tell ;)

If you couldn't already guess...I hung these in my kitchen :) There was a big empty space about the toaster & microwave. It was the perfect spot!

{bad cell phone pic from move-in day}

I wasn't totally sure if I was allowed to nail {new} nails into the wall, so I went ahead & used Command Damage-Free Hooks. Not my first choice, but they do the job.

Here's how it looks! {They don't look straight here, but they are.}

My roommate & I both love them!  They throw color in an otherwise-dark space, add some whimsy, & most importantly...inspire baking :)

Happy Thursday!