Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{stream of consciousness}

  • I'm writing this on Wednesday night {last night} & I'm so tired I don't think I can even finish writing this post. I will try.
  • Who else is obsessed with watching the Olympics?!?  I've been glued to women's gymnastics, beach volleyball, & track & field. Girls are totally rocking this year!! Go us. The past two weeks I've been constantly reminded how proud I am to be an American. 
  • Today was my last day of work. Me:
  • I've been listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamond songs lately. They opened for Coldplay in Boston...& I'm totally digging their songs "I am Not a Robot" & "Hypocrate."  {Funny story: Dylan misunderstood what the band was called...& told my dad they were called "Marina and the Tramps." Haha. She quickly realized her mistake.}
  • I've realized I'd promised a few posts awhile ago that I never ended up writing. Hopefully in the next few weeks :)
  • I go on vacation in exactly six days. CALIFORNIA...COME AT ME.
  • This past weekend, we headed up to NYC for dinner, because my step-sister turned 21. The trip was such a weird one. First...we almost got in the worst car accident ever ever ever on the way. Then we headed to 5th Ave & shopped at David Yurman for a gift. {She only turns 21 once!} Then we headed for drinks at The Plaza before dinner. It seems very posh & uppity, but it was so fun. It was totally Gossip Girl ;)
  • Speaking of big birthdays...I turn the big 2-1 in a few weeks too. Um, when did I get so old?
  • The next few days should be fun. Dylan's bff from Chicago is coming in to visit! We'll spend some time here & at the beach. I'm so ready for the weekend already!
  • Happy Thursday!

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