Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{beach weekend}

On Friday we headed to the beach with Dylan's bff {& roommate} & a friend from her semester in Rome. The weather, like I said on Saturday, was a mix of rain & sun...but we had fun all the while!

On Saturday we headed to the beach around 10am, sat down in the sun for TEN minutes, & then it started to rain :(  So to pass the time, we went down to the other end of the island to go sweatshirt shopping {cause that's always a fun rainy day activity, right?} & for some ice cream. By the time we got home, the sun was out!

During the brief bout of sunshine, we headed to the end of the island to walk around the lighthouse. It was so hot, we decided not to climb to the top.

I held it in my hand ;)

The wind picked up quite a bit...

& before we knew it, the rain clouds rolled in again. It stayed like this most of the day, but we still headed down to the beach before dinner. Greta & Dylan were determined to swim, but Alexandra & I decided to stay back. I had zero interest. Besides...who would've photographed it?

Oh, & they decided against bathing suits. 

Since those photos are in black & white, you can't tell what the weather was like. It looked like this:

Chilly, windy, & foggy.

{I did dive in the next night. It was even COLDER & darker & I wore a bathing suit.}

The next morning...sunshine!  We got up bright & early for breakfast at our favorite diner on the island. Growing up, my mom, sister & I went all the time...but when I was diagnosed with Celiac, I was so bummed. No more of their famous oatmeal or pancakes! :(

But then.

Gluten free pancakes!!!!  

I was there two months ago, but it wasn't on the menu then. I was so surprised!  Of course I ordered them, & angels sang when I was served.

My mouth is watering just looking at them again. My love of pancakes cannot be said enough.

We topped off the weekend with a lovely boat ride on Sunday night, but those pics are on another camera, so they'll have to be for another post.  It was such a fun, low key weekend! Hopefully the same girls can visit us again at the beach next year!

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