Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{beach weekend part II}

Here are the promised pics from our Sunday night boat ride! I finally got my hands on the little waterproof camera we brought along :)

We headed out to sea {more specifically...the bay} at around 6pm, & it was cold. The sky was filled with clouds for the first part of the trip, but thankfully cleared away as soon as we got away from the island.


Surprise surprise! I didn't want to be photographed :) But as you can see...the sky was so cloudy.

Remember the lighthouse from yesterday's post? Here's another view:

I love the way sailboats look.

We sailed to a restaurant on the water & anchored the boat. By the time dinner was over, the sun was setting into a gorgeous sunset.

& finally...our trio. 

We were so sad to see Greta go! Dylan will be with her again next week in their swanky new apartment, but it'll be a few months until I'm able to see her again.

I'm so lucky that I'm friends with Dylan's friends from college. Before we went away to school, I was so afraid that the close friends Dylan made would stay "strangers" to me.  It's quite the opposite!  We're very fortunate that our parent's had always promised to fly us to visit each other often, so I've been able to get to know her roommates & girlfriends really well. I love them all...Dyl picked some good ones :)


As you're reading this, I'm on a plane to sunny California!  I'll be spending six days here:

{which reminds me--I miss that show.}

I'll be visiting my granddad & his wife, the apartment I'll be living in from January--May, & most importantly...RELAXING. I don't think I've needed a vacation more in my life.

I will also be hand-delivering the Stump Stand I gave away in June to the winner.  I figured this was more special than snail mail ;)  Who knows what I'll do for the next giveaway! 

I'll do a few quick posts while I'm gone, via my iPad {since not bringing my computer}, but I'll be on Instagram the whole time.  Follow me @Lively_Liv.

Happy Wednesday! 

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