Monday, August 27, 2012

{apartment furniture update}

I made some big furniture decisions this weekend! As of Saturday, I only had my amazing coffee table. So considering the fact that I move in this Friday, I figured it was time to buy some other pieces.

Living Room

After taking my second trip {this month} to Ikea, I decided the KARLSTAD sofa was perfect. It's comfortable, modern, & the best size for the space.

I chose the Isunda gray color. It's a soft faux-tweed fabric that contains various shades of gray, black, & white. It'll hide any stains that'll {most-likely} happen & goes with pretty much any other accent color.

My mom had a white wool carpet laying around {get it?} that I'll put beneath the sofa & coffee table. I'm fortunate to have wood floors throughout the apartment, but a carpet always makes a space much more homey :)

The only thing I have left to buy for this room is a television stand, curtains, & pillows...which I'll get this week some time. My mom & I have been thinking of some fun paint ideas, so hopefully those will be decided on soon too!  {Have I mentioned that I can paint inside the apartment? Because I can. I just need to get permission from the landlord. So.freaking.excited.}


I needed a high table for the kitchen that could double as an island. They are generally pretty expensive, because they tend to be made from butcher block. But my mom found a great one from cb2 that was on sale. Mom FTW.

I bought the Frank Counter Table in white & the bar stools from the photo below. I think it'll look great!



My bed is the one thing that continues to be a problem. I'm about to throw in the towel & get a futon. 
But I decided to ignore the problem for a little bit longer & focus on the rest of the room. Because nothing solves a problem like procrastination, right? ;)

Just like I'm a girl of many bags, I'm a girl of many little things. I like to display pictures, books, name it.  A bookshelf was a must.

A desk was also a must, because I'm much more productive when I sit & do my homework in a defined space. & speaking of space...I don't have a lot. Thankfully, Crate & Barrel saved the day.

The Sloane Leaning Desk is now mine:

Not only is it slim in width, but it has a TON of storage & a desk built right in. The best part? If I want to break it up, I can!  Each bookshelf can stand on its on--as can the center part with the desk. I'm a little worried it won't all fit in my room, so if worse comes to worst, I'll put one of the pieces in the living room.

The current tenant decided to leave her dresser for me, since it's in great condition & fits perfectly inside the closet. If that wasn't awesome enough, she is leaving it for free! So, so nice of her. One less thing I need to buy.

So those were my big ticket items from this weekend! I'm going to hit up a few more stores & look around this week, but for now...I'm feeling good about everything. Thankfully my couch is comfortable, because if I don't solve my bed problem in the next few days, that'll be where I sleep ;)

Happy Monday!

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