Thursday, August 23, 2012


We turn 21 today. Crazy.

That seems so old.

Since Dylan left for school this morning, we celebrated last night. We went out to dinner with my mom, stepdad, stepsister, & grandma. But before we left, two of my aunts stopped by to wish us a happy birthday :)

{Oh, & at the dinner? I ordered a Coke. I know, I know. I need to scale back the wild & crazy. I'll try.}

Thanks to technology, we were able to FaceTime with our dad & open up the gifts he shipped us. We were also able to toast some champagne with him. Made it feel like he was really "here" ;)

I love my family, but I love Dylan the most.

At midnight on the dot, Dyl & I hugged, wished each other a Happy Birthday, & swapped presents. In pajamas & all.

With her gift:

Me, with mine:

She got one of my favorite pictures of her & I made into a canvas! I absolutely love it & it created...instant tears. I've gotten so used to being with her this summer, & I'm so sad she's going back to school tomorrow   :( We'll see each other soon though. I'm gonna miss my bff, so please excuse the puffy eyes. 0.5 seconds after this was taken, I let the tears fall ;)

I got Dylan a necklace she fell in love with in California. I was able to buy it without her seeing {thanks to my mom's help}. She loved it :)

My canvas that describes us to a T:

I'm going to start to cry again while I try to put into words how much she means to me. So I'm going to keep it short.

My stepsister asked us tonight, "Do you like being twins?" & without any thought, I immediately said: yes.  

She's my best friend. I tell her everything. I can never--& will never--get bored of being with her or talking with her. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry.  She makes me challenge myself. She supports me. She makes me a better singer. She makes me a better sister. She makes me a better friend. She makes me a better person. I wouldn't be who I am without her, & can't imagine myself without her. She will do great things...& deserves it all.

Love you Dylan! Here's to a lifetime of sisterhood.

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  1. Aww, you two. In my head you and Dyl are Alice and Dorothy.