Monday, July 9, 2012

{my weekend}

This weekend was sort of crazy busy.

We headed to the beach on Friday night & woke up bright & early on Saturday to take a boating class. The teacher came to our house & for 4 hours we listened to him talk about EVERYTHING related to boat safety.  After that was over, we hung out on the beach for the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning, the teacher came back again & taught us the last two chapters in the course book...then gave us a test to take.

I'm happy to report that both my sister & I passed!  I now have my boat license :)

After we took the test, we hopped in the car & headed to NYC for dinner. We were there for not even 3 hours, but it was fun nonetheless. It was SO SO hot though. OMG.

We met up with my sister's friends from her semester in Rome. It was so nice to see everyone again--& meet some new friends!  {J, G, A--hi if you're reading!}
Here are some phone pics, since lugging my nice camera didn't seem like a fun idea at the time:

We had dinner here. Best.burger.ever.  {Also...everything can be made all my GF chicas...go here!}

Walking back to the train station:


1) I borrowed my mom's fedora :)
2) pretty flowers!
3) inside Traffic
4) the cutest puppy ever, Blitz. I want him.
& since I never put up a Fashion Friday post, {sorry!}, here's 2 recent outfits:

One final note...I joined instagram! follow me @Lively_Liv

Happy Monday!

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