Friday, July 6, 2012

{coldplay concert}

Last night was one of the best.nights.ever.


If you know me, you know Coldplay is my favorite band.

{& I know that "everyone" says they're a Coldplay fan...but lots of people only know their hits. Not me.}

Ever since Parachutes came out--when I was 9 years old--my mom would play their CD in the car on the drive to school.  I soon learned every word to every song on that CD, including their later albums A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida, & now Mylo Xyloto. It was the band I grew up on, the band I will  ALWAYS be loyal too, & the band who will forever be the answer to the "If you could have dinner with any four people dead or alive...who would they be?" question.  Not only are their melodies & songs amazing, but every lyric is incredibly poetic & honest. 

Talent seriously emanates from Guy, Chris, Jonny, & Will. 

One of my dreams was to see them live with my mom & sister, but when they went on tour 4 years ago, our schedules couldn't make it work. I ended up going with friends, & although it was unbelievable to see Coldplay live for the first time, it simply wasn't the same without them.  I was determined to make it work the next time.

Dylan saw their first concert on their Mylo tour in Glasgow last December & said it was better than she could have ever imagined. So when the tickets went on sale for their US Tour two weeks later, we snagged tickets. Our family Christmas present this year was to all go. The day finally came, & last night my mom, stepdad, step-sister, Dylan & I went. {Sadly, my step-brother couldn't go...he's in the middle-of-nowhere Alaska!}  

We had amazing box seats, so we could see the stage perfectly ;) Their set-list was a perfect mix--they played hits, oldies, & under appreciated songs.  We were on our feet the entire 90 minutes. My favorite songs from the evening were: "Viva la Vida," "Don't Let It Break Your Heart," "God Put A Smile On Your Face," & "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall."  But every song was SO.FREAKING.GOOD.

{all photos are from my iphone, so not the best...}

Robyn opened for them. She was....bizarre, to say the least. I only knew two of her songs, so I'm sure it would have been more fun if I was a huge fan. Her mic was too low, so I couldn't understand a word she said, but I didn't really care. I wasn't there to see her ;)

We were all given light wristbands when we walked in to the stadium, & they had signs above us telling everyone that they were part of the show.  

Here were Coldplay's tour buses! There were SIX!

Not only is it a concert, but it is truly a SHOW. The lighting effects & stage were UNREAL.

Here's Dyl & I :)

You can see everyone's light bands here. Sometimes they would blink!  They were turned on during every Mylo Xyloto song.

I love every guy in the band. Of course I was starstruck yet again by Chris Martin. My step-sister turned to me in the middle of the show & said, "He just has to be the coolest guy on the planet."  Well said. ;) Gwyneth is one lucky lady. But the drummer surprised me the most!  Will not only played the drums, but rocked out on the guitar, piano, & sang!  Jonny & Guy were awesome too, obviously.

Below you can see the confetti they set well as the giant balls that traveled through the audience. SO COOL!!

I got chills.

Here's my fan-girl confession. Last week, my friends & I were watching wedding proposals on YouTube {because that's what we do when we're bored}, & they asked me what my dream proposal would be. I didn't have an answer for them, only what I would not want to happen. {Hint: any baseball, basketball, hockey, football game or public sporting event. To any guy, I would say "no."}

Last night, I realized that if someone proposed to me during a Coldplay concert, I'd probably marry them right then & there. I'm not even kidding, lol.

I'm seeing them again at the end of the month. Luckiest girl ever. 

I can't wait!!

Fashion Friday Saturday will be up tomorrow.

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  1. I'm seeing them in an hour in DC, so excited!!! Also I love Robyn, she's swedish and super weird but cool. I feel like you guys might like some of her stuff too so here's one to start you with in case you haven't been listening to her since the concert: