Monday, June 18, 2012

{my weekend}

This weekend my dad & {most} sibs came down for Father's Day.  We headed to one beach on Friday night, but we ended up driving down the coast to another beach, for various reasons. {On the way, four DEER ran out into the middle of the highway & almost caused us to have a major accident. It was sort of crazy.}

We had such an awesome time though! Lots of family that we haven't seen in a while were there, so it was really fun! We played games, kayaked on the bay, read books, & had the island's best ice cream :)

On Father's Day, we gave my dad a few cards, some framed pictures from Jamaica {one with his girls & one with his boys}, a work-out shirt, & resistance bands for traveling. My dad is quickly becoming a fitness fanatic, & so we thought a few presents with the Nike swoosh would be a GREAT idea :)

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

{view from the dock}
{little girls in bathing suits = love}
{view from the house}

{the only book was a Nicholas Sparks one...but it was actually good}

Ahh so peaceful!

How was your weekend? Have a happy Monday!

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