Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{jamaica recap}

Hello all!

I had a lovely time in Jamaica this past weekend. Like I said yesterday, I took lots of pictures. Let's start from the beginning.

After an easy traveling day, we arrived at the resort & headed straight to the pool. It was SO.HUMID. & all we wanted to do was submerge ourselves in water.

That night was the rehearsal dinner/welcome party. There were only 56 guests, {& my family of 8 was a huge chunk of that}, & because we're friends with both the bride & groom, we knew most of the people there. Fun, right? :)

The dinner was set up outside, & although the humidity & mosquitoes were not so fun, the rest of the night was really relaxing & wonderful. Perfect way to start the trip.

I took this picture once we arrived, hence the tilted chairs.

I loved the palms on the tables!

After dinner, they had a fire show. This guy literally poured alcohol on himself & ran a torch up his torso. He also drank alcohol & spit into a flame. Craziness.

This was the night I wore my new jumpsuit! I got lots of compliments on it. Here's my sister & I after the dinner.

{i'm not great at the "sexy pout"}
Funny twin story. We were asked no less than 100 times if we were twins. Actually, most people asked, "Are you related?" Uh, yes.

Mid-way through the trip, a wedding guest we didn't know came up to us & said, "I know this is really weird to ask, but are you two sisters or twins?"  We answered twins. She fist-pumped the air & yelled, "Yes! I win!"

Yup. People were taking bets if we were twins or not. WITH MONEY. We should've gotten a cut. Don't you agree?
The next day was a lot  of this:

After lounging all day, we got ready for the wedding.

Here's what I wore:

And my sister:

I totally want to show a picture of my younger brothers because they looked ADORABLE. But to protect their privacy, I won't. Just picture three boys in seersucker. Melt.

I also dropped in on the bride when she was getting ready. {I'd show how gorgeous she looked from the front, but I don't feel comfortable without her permission.}

Just married!

The ceremony was outside, about 50 yards from the ocean. It was a gorgeous night, but hot :)

The dinner was on the outdoor patio. The tables were set beautifully.

Simple, but lovely. White roses were everywhere.

Oh, & the flower girl was my darling little sister. She rocked the job.

My sister & I sang their first dance song & it went really well! The bride & groom were very happy, & the guests loved it. All in all, a successful performance :)

{Although it was a bit of a nightmare leading up to it. Our sound check was supposed to be at 4:00pm, three hours before the dinner. We showed up & nothing was set up. ::insert quiet freak-out:: We had to wait until thirty minutes {!!!} before the dinner to run through it. Talk about stressful. They also messed up the order & brought me a little dinky keyboard instead of a full one. It also didn't have a pedal. It was sort of a mess, but we made it through with stride.}

I would show the video, but I have yet to see it. Maybe in another post...

We danced the night away & fell asleep hard. The next day we beached it, went snorkeling, & relaxed. I don't have many pictures from that day because the humidity kept fogging over my camera lens :(

Sunday was a day of travel, & now I'm happily home! It was a fun weekend, but I was ready to get back to my everyday routine.

And that's it! I took lots more wedding photos, but again, I don't want to post without their permission.

Now I'm off to work...paradise had to end some time! ;)