Friday, June 29, 2012

{house tour: my bathroom}


Fun fact about me...I started off as an Interior Design major!

{Okay, I was only an Interior Design major for 8 days...but still. It counts.}

I took a course at a university for Interior Design & absolutely adored it. I loved choosing patterns, colors, furniture, figuring out the space plan, where the stairs would go, etc. But after I saw the curriculum at my {first} college, I realized it was going to be an entirely different program. I ended up switching to Advertising, which I love & am very happy with, but I still have a raging passion for all things design. this is an anything-I-feel-about-blogging type of blog, I'm going to show off some rooms that have great design. If you read this little ol' blog last November, you'll remember I went "house crashing" at my aunt & uncle's modern home. Well, I'm back with some more photos...but this time, my house!

Over the summer, I'll show some of my favorite rooms in my house {well, my mom & stepdad's house} & other homes. & if I remember where things came from, I'll share :) So this week, I'm starting off with my sister & I's bathroom.  Don't's not as bad as it sounds :)

I only talk about my twin sister Dylan & my half-sister Squig on here, but I also have a step sister. {To protect her privacy, I'll refer to her as M.}  M is only 2 weeks older than us, so for a brief period, we all shared a "suite."  Dylan & M shared a bedroom, which connected to my room by a small hallway. Off of the hallway is a bathroom & large closet. When our parents built & designed our house, they kept three teenage girls in mind :)  Thank goodness.

This shot was taken in my room looking down the mini hallway into Dyl & M's. {Although M has since moved to the guest room/her own room.}  Bathroom is in the opening to the right, closet to the left.

This is a wide angle shot of the bathroom from last year. Some little things have changed since then. Through the door to the right is the toilet & shower.  The color palette is pretty much the same throughout: shades of green, silver, taupe, & light pink.

Let's zoom in to some details...

We just added this little mirror tray to the countertop. I think it's a simple detail that really makes a difference! Before, we would clutter up the counter with accessories, makeup, etc. But now that this has taken over the space, we're forced to put everything back where they're supposed to be stored :)

I also love the little wicker accents in the little storage & tissue box.

Anthropologie knobs = one of my favorite details. LOVE.

This is the artwork that we have above our toilet. Twins! & if you can read the carving, it says, "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine." :)  In front of it, we placed a vase of fake flowers. One of the few times where fake flowers do not look tacky. {In my opinion!}

I love our towel rack. Reminds me of a hotel.  Fluffy towels courtesy of Restoration Hardware, one of the best stores ever.

If I ever am ever lucky enough to design my own kitchen, I will use subway tile for the backsplash. I LOVE LOVE subway tile.

So I was very happy to see subway tile in our a soft green that matches the wall color perfectly.

Our light fixtures: feminine & sweet.

It's no secret that Dylan & I love music. So above our door/window frames, we hung these fun signs:

My favorite part about our bathroom is the floor--shiny glass tile. This is also the floor in our shower, & compliments the green subway tile perfectly. 

I'm a bit obsessed. 

Here's our Audrey picture in the hallway {my bedroom in the background}.

& that's it! All I need to do is replace those wilting flowers :)

But overall, I love our bathroom. Usually bathrooms are done in relaxing blues or greys, but I find light green very soothing. & the soft, feminine environment is a lovely background while we put on makeup in the morning :)  I have one more project for the space, which I'm hoping to do this month, that I'll definitely blog about! Sneak peek: it includes more Anthropologie knobs.

If you have any specific questions about where things came from, please ask! I can always check with my mom for store/company information.

I hope you enjoyed!  Have a happy weekend!

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