Friday, June 22, 2012

{fashion friday | color bug review}

This week's Fashion Friday is a product review, style tip, & fab find all wrapped up in one post. Get excited.

Remember how I mentioned in this post that I have an obsession with pink streaks? Well, I did it.

My favorite hair products are those by Kevin Murphy, an Australian company known for their professional salon line. I love their shampoos & texture for beachy waves. But I think I love this best of all:

The Color Bug: colored hair shadow. Pink, orange, or purple.

I was SO excited to try this out last week when my mom brought it home for me. She knew I had been eyeing it, & surprised me with one. Love.

In fact, I was so excited that I dropped it on the floor. & when I took the cap off & brought it up to my hair, I realized too late that it had shattered. All the chalk came out & spilled in my hands & on the floor  :(  My sister was not amused when she had to help me clean up the mess. So tip: don't drop it!  

I had to order a new one, but once it arrived, it was showtime.

The Color Bug is basically hair chalk that is permanent until you shower. It's very easy to apply...just take a portion of your hair & rub the chalk against it.

{My pony-tail looks super wavy in these photos because it was twirled in a bun all day.}

& to further prove the pink, two less-saturated photos:

{i sent this photo to my mom & she said, "that's blog-worthy." so here it is.}


Like I said in the previous post, hair color is SO.NOT.ME.  99% of the time, I am not a fan. But there's something about a little pop of pink that has me hooked.

What are your thoughts? I sort of want to try the purple...

You can order the Color Bug on Amazon, but the best place is at a hair salon that uses Kevin Murphy products. Once you try his stuff, there's no going back :)

{no outfits this week since I got lazy & didn't capture them}

Happy Weekend!

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